Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Irish Songs of Freedom and Rebellion

The island of Ireland was ruled by England for 500 years. Rebellions, large and small, were interspersed through  those years...until Easter 1916. The Irish have a lot of songs--a whole lot of songs. The ones below are all related to the struggle for Irish independence.  I shall let the music tell the story:

Easter 1916 ~ The Clancy Brothers

The Wearing of the Green ~ The Dubliners

The Rising of the Moon ~ The Clancy Brother and Tommy Makem

Roddy McCorley ~ Tommy Makem

Four Green Fields ~ Tommy Makem (his signature song)

After those songs of Irish Conflict, I want to close with a song that questions hate, prejudice, war and specifically civil war.

Too Many Saviors on My Cross ~ Richard Harris

Memorial celebrating the peace between the Republic of  Ireland and Northern Ireland.


  1. I did not know the story those songs tell. The last one by Richard Harris ( a favorite actor) deeply touched me. I wish everyone would listen to that.

  2. Amazing post, Nick.
    You taught me much!!