Sunday, November 06, 2011

This Is My Friend, Anne

This is my friend, Anne. She is disabled and, like me, survives on Social Security disability.

Anne writes and sings songs

Anne loves animals. This is Anne with her kitten, Caine:

This is Anne's sister, Tina. In August Anne began moving into Tina's rented house.

Before the move could ne completed, Tina's house burned down.

Anne lost many beloved things, including her grandfather's pocket knife, her guitar, and her beloved kitten, Caine.

Since the fire, Anne has been staying in my apartment.

I have adopted Tina's kitten, Sugar, who survived the fire.

Wednesday, November 9th, is Anne's 27th birthday.

With all of the loses she has experienced, I don't believe Anne is expecting to have a very happy birthday.


  1. Oh, SSN, I just saw this. I will send a birthday card to Anne. I hope it arrives for her on her birthday.

  2. horrendous story!

    Happy birthday to Anne