Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My #1 Son

In my post of June 1 I spoke about how proud I am of my two sons, Nick and Rob. I also wrote that, as Father’s Day approaches, I would write more about them. That’s what I am doing now.

Nicholas Lawrence Temple III

Besides the approach of Father’s Day, I have another reason for writing about Nick and Rob: their birthday is less than a week away. That's right, their birthday: they were both born on June 12 but four years apart! Having sons who share the same birthday has created some interesting situations, but sharing those stories is for a later post: this one is about my oldest, my #1—son, Nicholas Lawrence Temple III.

I’m proud of Nick. He has accomplished things that I never have, even though I admit I have attempted to duplicate some of his eCommerce activities, but without his skills and successes. There was a time when I could do a Google search for articles on eCommerce and inevitably would come up with numerous articles written by my son. That wasn’t surprising: Nick was first published in a national computer magazine when he was only seventeen years old. He continues to write articles and his publication list grows each year.

He has worked for some major eCommerce companies, but my #1 son is primarily an entrepreneur—something I shall never be, no matter how much effort I am making. He always seems to have several projects going at once and I lack the discipline to juggle more than a couple at a time.

The Private Mail Reader Website

One of his projects I have listed under the links to the right. It is the Private Mail Reader. When Nick began this project, he had me download the program. I like it because it allows me to control the email I receive. More than that, of the three email programs I have on my computer, it is the only one that truly allows me to avoid spam! That’s important to me: on my recent trip to Pennsylvania (see my post for May 6 in the May Achieve), I had more than 800 emails awaiting r me in two of my email programs, 80% of which were spam. In the Private Mail Reader Program I had no spam! I think it’s a very good program and I thank Nick to bringing it to my attention.

Being the entrepreneur that he is, Nick goes a step beyond providing the program to semi-literate computer guys like me. He also provide the source code—whatever that is—of the Private Mail Reader and a couple of other programs to developers and eCommerce folk who have my knowledge and skills in the area than an old folkie (see post for June 5) could ever appreciate. That code is found at Nick’s site that I have linked as The Most Jealously Guarded Source Code in the Internet Marketing. If you are into Internet marketing and eCommerce, I recommend that you take a look at that site.

Even if you aren’t into Internet marketing, I recommend you click the link. That’s because of something else that’s special about my #1 son: he’s an extraordinary family man and at that site you’ll find pictures of him and his family, including the four children he had adopted.

There is much more and many stories I could write about my #1 son, Nicholas Lawrence Temple III. I’ll save those for later. Tomorrow I shall tell you about my #2 son, Robert Lawrence Temple II.