Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My Two Sons

Nick III (left) and Rob in April, 2005

With June being the month of Father’s Day, I suppose I am becoming a bit reflective. Tonight I remembered in detail the births of my sons, Nick and Rob. No, I’m not going into detail about those moments: they were too private and precious. They were also two of the dearest moments of my life.

They also both occurred on June 12—four years and thousands of miles apart. Nick III (named for my paternal grandfather and me) was born in Wurzburg, Germany; Rob II (named for my father) here in Louisville.

Nick now lives in Louisville. He has four adopted children, so I am a grandfather. For several years he lived in the west—California and then Oklahoma.

Rob and his wife, Dawn, have lived in the west—Texas and now New Mexico—for almost ten years. The photo above was taken in April of this year, the first time the three of us have been together since I officiated the renewal of the wedding vows of Rob and Dawn in 2001.

I shall write more about my sons as Father’s Day approaches.