Thursday, July 21, 2005

Moon, Heat, Homeless, and a Fall

The past few nights the moon has been absolutely beautiful! Full and bright, I have been able to see the face of the “Man in the Moon” clearly and unmistakably. It reminds me of those songs my parents used to sing when I was a kid—and all of the songs about the moon since I’ve been an adult. I can’t believe that there are so many! Or, how many refer to this moon shining on me tonight here in Kentucky.

By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Blue Moon
Blue Moon of Kentucky
Beautiful Moon of Kentucky
Moon Over Kentucky
It's Only a Paper Moon
Moon Over Bourbon Street
Everyone's Gone to the
Carolina Moon
Moon River
Moonlight Bay
Bad Side of the

I don’t know if there is a relationship, but the joy of observing the moon at night has been offset by the intense heat of the day. Those high temperatures have been especially oppressive to me since the air conditioning of my car is inoperative. Last night I visited some friends. Even though I showered before I left home, I was as wet from perspiration when I arrived as I had been from water when I exited the shower—and I was feeling just as grimy as I felt before I showered. I wondered to myself if I smelled!

This heat wave that is covering much of the U.S. is doing more than making people feel uncomfortable. I understand that twelve people have died from the heat in Arizona—ten of them were homeless. Of course, since I am the chair of the Kentuckiana Steering Committee of Bridge of Hope, an organization that works primarily with homeless women and their children, I have a special concern for the homeless.

I think I’ll watch the moon this evening and pray that it brings peace to those who sleep beneath it tonight.

And hope I make it through the night! The bottom step on my stairs to my deck broke under my obese weight as I stepped on it this evening and I fell. Now my back and leg hurt. What gets me is that just last weekend I flushed down the toilet the pain medicine I got from the MD when I injured my leg before. I could certainly use it tonight!

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