Sunday, July 24, 2005


Last night I checked out a new video rental store that is not a chain, but locally owned. I was told that they carry quite a few “old” films, films even older than me. They do, including the Marx Brothers comedies, which is I what I rented. I may add that this store is also less expensive than Blockbusters and Hollywood Videos.

There is no store ID card required for this place. Rather, after the membership application is completed, all one needs is a driver’s license to make a transaction. That’s neat, because I already have too many membership cards in my wallet.

When my application was printed by the store’s computer, the clerk said, “Hey, your number is all twos. If I were you, I’d make a bet on two, ‘cause 'two' must be your lucky number today.”

I’m not normally into lucky numbers or betting; however, when I stopped at a convenience store for gasoline, I decided to give his suggestion a test. I purchased two “scratch-offs” of the game in the number two display slot.

Wow! Both tickets were all winners! And I won $22.00! Now I wish I’d purchased two hundred tickets!


  1. hehe, that is really neat. Congrats on your lucky 2 day.

  2. Thanks, sonson! I am not going to attempt to explain it—just accept the grace.

  3. Yes it is, bucky—and I don’t really believe in coincidences or luck. Maybe karma?

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