Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What I Really Need Right Now

I have just read some other blogs and realize that there is something I really need right now: a vacation! Lyca Gypsy has been kayaking; Callie spent last weekend camping; Jessica has plans to attend the Horro’Rama Drive-In and Convention in Chicago next weekend.

I would certainly love to take another driving trek west to visit my #2 son in New Mexico. Now… if I could just come up with the funds!

I’ll continue my story about the tank accident later. My friend, Candy, accidentally cut herself this evening and I have spent the last 5 hours with her and her son in the emergency room.


  1. I hope your friend is ok, and this weekend should be exciting, ive never gone to anything like this before.

    Hope you find some time to get away for yourself soon too!

  2. Thanks, Jessica. She's still in pain, but she plans on dancing tonight. She is primarily concerned that she won't be able to grasp the pole. I suppose that this is some thing you understand? I told her that no one would be looking at the pole anyway.

    Hopefully, if I cannot drive to New Mexico, I can at least take a mini-vacation soon.

  3. WHen I broke my wrist I had to dance with a cast for 8 weeks, it was tough but ya, if you do your job right, no one cares about your cast/cut/ stitches. hahaha

  4. Well, Jessica, something must have gone right with her bandaged hand. She netted two and a half times what she normally does.

    BTW, what with all this overhead she has to pay? $25.00 stage fee; $25.00 tip to the disk jockey/assistant manager; $10.00 tips to bartenders; $5.00 tips to each of the bouncers, plus the club splits any “special" dances she does 60/40% with her, the club getting the 60%? All that sounds a bit much to me.

  5. Thats high. The stage fee, ok the girls are independant contractors, they "rent space" to preform in the club. thats so the club doesnt have to keep track of your tips and deal with the tax issues that raises, its all on her to do it. The dj and bouncers is a working for her thing, they work for her not the club, its crap, its an excuse for them not to pay. Where I worked we didnt make them tip the bartenders or the wait staff and I think thats junk. Our stage fee was also only ten bucks, but some places can be as high as 80 or more.

    The lap dance, thats a rip off. We charged 25 a song, the club got 5. I know clubs where they charge 25 and the club gets nothing, clubs in some area take half whatever a girl makes, its an area thing and a club thing. She can look around, not all places have the same fees. Often the higher the fee the better the earning potential, but not always, not always at all. And we ony had a ten dollar dj fee as well. Some girls inflate the amount of their tip outs to customers to get more tips from them, pity dollars, same as the bandage on her hand, but they are pretty stiff in most clubs, with weekends being the highest amounts of tips expected, it sucks to walk into work and be 40 dollars in the hole just for coming to work.

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  7. Thanks for the information, Jessica. I’ll pass it on. She’s worked in NYC and Tucson and agrees that some of her costs here are excessive. My big complaint is her tipping the DJ $25.00, since he is also the assistant manger and has been hitting on her to date/move in with him for two years. I would like to give him the tip of a Louisville Slugger baseball bat up his… Well, my niece reads this blog, so I had best not continue.

    The club closed early tonight, even though there is a big hot rod convention going on here. She made nothing for five hours work. After I picked her up and on our way back to her place, we passed two other clubs, both of which looked like they were going strong. She said she’s changing clubs soon.

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