Saturday, August 13, 2005

I Need to Vent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have mentioned, I have been unemployed except for a few personal contracts, my online store, and my eBay sales since May of 2003. That's the background to the following and why I had not yet updated my automobile registration.

  • Thursday evening I found a ticket on my car for having an expired registration.
  • Friday I "borrowed" the money to register it and went to the auto license bureau: they were closed.
  • Tonight I went to the store. When I got home, there were no parking places anywhere near where I live. St. Joseph's Orphanage, which is a few blocks away, is having their annual picnic and the visitors have taken up all of the parking for blocks around.
  • I was driving around trying to find a parking place within walking distance from my house when I was pulled over by a policeman and issued another ticket for having an expired registration.
  • After he let me go, I was driving up Frankfort Ave., still looking for a parking place, when someone in a car going the opposite direction threw beer on my windshield and through the open window of my car, drenching me. Thankfully, this didn't happen before the policeman pulled me over!

I finally found a parking spot 5 blocks from my house and walked home, which itself was no easy task for a 350 pound old man with emphysema.

Thanks for letting me ventilate!

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