Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Volunteer Plants

When various unrelated events take place, they can sometimes produce unique results. The theft of all of my lawn care equipment last month, combined with the extremely hot weather we have been having, resulted in my not cutting the grass for a couple of weeks. That, in turn, has allowed numerous “volunteer” plants to spring up in my yard.

I am not a botanist. I know how to plant and cultivate lawns, shrubs, trees and roses. When I have the necessary tools, I can do a fair job of lawn care. However, for the most part, I cannot tell one plant from another.

Below are some photos I snapped this morning of a few of the volunteer plants now growing in my yard. I hope to have them not growing in my yard as soon as my new, re-chargeable Weed Eater finishes charging. In the meantime, I am sharing them with you in the hope that someone can tell me what has been growing around my house.

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