Thursday, September 29, 2005

9/29/2005 Deal of the Day

List Price: $34.95

Your Price: $19.50

You Save: $15.45

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  2. i never seen that barbie before. i like it.

  3. OK...I'm not usually about being PC, but I have to say something about Barbie....who really looks like that????? Is this why I spent most of my teenage years in starvation mode???? I must say, is a really cool Barbie...

  4. Jody: I'm glad you like it. Personally, I prefer Tweety to Barbie.

    Punkmom: I agree about Barbie. When I was a kid, I’d undress my sister’s Barbie to look at her boobs. When I grew up, I realized that Barbie’s body is a sad facsimile of reality. I much prefer reality.

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