Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Sunday Activities

Sunday we decided to do something differnt this Labor Day weekend: we to a music festival on the grounds of the old Louisville pumping station now know as The Water Tower. There were a lot a local bands playing. I thought that Candy would enjoy the music. Also, there was a demonstration of skateboarding that I believed her son would like.

The bands weren’t that good; each seemed more into advertising whatever gigs they had coming up or the bar or lounge where they regularly played.

The skateboard demonstration literally sucked. It was put on by a local club and the kids in the club seemed to be having a good time. However, there were numerous kids standing around holding their skateboards who wanted a chance to show their skills. None were allowed within the barriers to were the skateboarding was taking place.

What really got to me were the concessions. One had to buy tickets at a dollar each and use them to purchase any food or drink. If one forgot how much each of those tickets was worth, one didn’t realize how outrageous prices were:

12 oz. soft drink (my term) or soda (Candy’s term) = $2.00
1 corndog = $4.00
Small cheeseburger = $5.00

We stayed at the festival for about two hours and decided we weren't having any fun. So we then went bowling.

While bowling, my old leg injury from the tank accident began acting up on me and I couldn’t handle the approach. I carried the ball to the fowl line and then attempted to release it and follow through. Those were the worse two games I have bowled in forty-five years! Still, it was fun.


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  2. I would have considered tht a shitty day...but you still had fun? well, good on ya!

    And thanks anonymous for the abortion tips. Might come in handy some day.

  3. You went to the "fowl" line? Do they have some form of chicken bowling in Louisville? ;o)

    Sometimes the best dates are the ones you improvise. It's hard to have fun with a checklist and schedule; flexibility is a good thing.

  4. Trish: There are times when one must convince oneself that one's activities are enjoyable or grieve the time spent on them! The bowling was fun. I had not seen Anonymous’ post until this morning. I note from following the link that the blog has nothing to do with “abortion.”

    Thomas: A “fowl” foul is what one sometimes gets when one tries to blog at 2:00 a.m. I made corrections to that blog and reposted it four times and still did not catch all of the blunders.

  5. I'm a little dissapointed. I had visions of the Muppet Show going through my head. :o)

    On a different topic, I had to enable the "word verification" feature on my blog. One day I got one anonymous post advertising a web site, the next day I got eleven. Word Verification eliminated most of the spam problem for me. This is the link that tells you how to set that up, if you need to.

  6. Thomas: I think I am going to have to enable it also. The comments I received on my last post (T.B.I.M. but G.I.A.H. Jokes) are definitely spam.