Sunday, October 30, 2005

Daylight Savings Time, Blogger, and Worry

This change from Daylight Savings Time has confused me; perhaps more than usual because of the 12 days of getting to little sleep. It has also confused Alex because his breakfast is now an hour off.

Thus far I have reset two watches and 5 clocks. I don’t know if there are any other timepieces I need to adjust, but if there are I shall eventually find them.

I pastored a church in southern Indiana in a county that never changed time. It was always Eastern Standard. These folks let the people east and west of them switch to and from Daylight Savings Time. That may have been OK for them, but I never got the hang of attending a meeting out side of the county and knowing what time it was at the meeting location. After time changes I was always calling someone in Evansville, Louisville, or Indianapolis and asking, “What time is it there?”

During the first year I was in southern Indiana, I didn’t do that. What convinced me to make those calls wasn’t being late but being early. I once arrived at an Evansville meeting two hours before I needed to be there. At Conference-wide meeting in Indianapolis I was driving behind some folks from Louisville who signaled that they were pulling off for breakfast at a neat and famous café. I looked at my watch and signaled them that I’d keep going—I thought I’d be late. I was an hour early.

Blogger still isn’t allowing me to upload photos and yet Dashboard says the problem has been fixed.

I’ve not heard from Candy since her telephone tirade last night. I wonder if her son made it to school on Friday.


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  2. i dont like the time cahnge.

    i hope yur friend & her little boy are ok

  3. I like the time change because I keep getting to feel like I've been handed extra time. My brain will think: it must be 9:00; it seems so late. And really it will only be about 7:00. Free time! I love it.
    And your saga about Candy is fascinating. I wish it was fiction since there's a child involved. I hope that all goes well with that.

  4. Hey there, I am sorry I missed you earlier, I was taking my niece home. You can always email me at as well... hope your doing ok.

  5. I wrote you a message in the comments of yesteday and am sending you an email about out mutual friend. You'll hear from "C" again, so stay strong and take care of yourself.

  6. Blogger is pretty picky with it's photos. If it's the least little bit corrupted, it won't post.

    When I had a problem posting a picture, I used a graphics program to save it into another format. It apparently fixed whatever little glitch Blogger didn't like, and it posted fine after that.

  7. Jody: The time change is really OK with me, But I do prefer going back to Standard time over going to Daylight Savings Time. I, too, hope Candy and her son are OK, although I am doing my best not to think about them.

    Jay Are: I agree about the feeling of getting extra time; of course, the feeling is reversed in the spring and I feel that I have lost time.

    I wish the Candy story was fiction, too. I wish there were no drugs involved in her life. I wish we could just be friends and I had not gotten to the point of enabling her habit. I wish I knew what was going on with her and her son. I pray for the two of them constantly.

    Jessica: Thanks. I’ll check Yahoo today and if you’re not around I’ll email you.

    Mike: Thanks for your email. You confirm a lot that I was unsure of about her time in Tucson. I’d like to strangle the Mike (not you!) who you identify as the “dude who got her started” on methamphetamines.

    Thomas: Thanks for the advice. In the future, if blogger can’t upload a photo, I’ll use photosuite to save it and give it another try.

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