Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Nick Needs...

I read Jessica and Bucky last night and found that the now game among bloggers is to Google the words “NAME needs” and see what comes up. So I googled "Nick needs" and found that Google reports “about 13,100” hits. Damn, I know I have a lot of needs, but 13,000+?

Anyway, here’s what I found on the first 10 pages:

Nick needs meds. Nick is a sad depressed and hyperactive human; he needs medication to calm him down, PLEASE HELP HIM!

Nick needs to drop out? I just wanted to inform everyone that due to some personal problems, I need to take a break...I just cannot concentrate on reading and posting right now.

Nick needs a bath.

Nick needs friends. (Nick is a third-grade boy who was disliked by many of his peers).

Nick needs a critique.

Nick needs some help with changing his kid.
Nick needs to learn new ways to respond to teasing
Nick needs a friend.

Nick needs a woman who needs him.

Nick needs to reconcile with Darcy.

Nick needs to help the suicidal girl.

Nick needs his hair dyed.

In wonder if Nick needs a roommate.

Old Saint Nick needs a modern makeover.

Nick needs to get in touch with his daughter.

Nick needs to keep his mouth shut.

Nick is an angel; I think he needs a tutor to help him with his dyslexia and perhaps a visit to a psychiatrist.

Nick needs someone as sarcastic and mischievous as he was/is.

Nick needs a girl who knows how to stir things up.

Nick needs a lot of stuff.

Nick needs not to worry about the Navigation just yet

Nick needs some UPPERS not downers.

Nick needs to seriously snap out of his funk & share his grid with his wife!!

Nick needs to get a relationship with someone OUTSIDE of work.

Nick needs to be reminded that it's not classy to drink blood straight from the bottle.

Nick needs some TLC.

Nick needs to be involved and teach our players to start thinking on the field.

Nick needs to get his ass over here if he thinks that’s quality.

Nick needs to avoid Nat’s shakes.

Nick needs to be kicked in the butt and Victor is the one to do it.

Nick needs a family that can provide structure and consistency.

Nick needs to move on.

Nick needs to stir things up.

Nick needs to make up a Spanish test.

I'm having a blast with the kids and it really doesn't matter, but St. Nick needsto get a handle on his work ethic.

Nick needs to express deep emotions that he finds hard to convey.

Nick needs a life-changing event

Nick needs to work on his jump shot and skills.

Nick needs to chill out.”

Some how big drug companies are pure evil, until Old Nick needs a flu shot, thenthey better fork it over and preferably for free!

Nick needs to be pulled aside & beaten silly

Nick needs to hire dancers for his video/live shows.

Nick needs cash and needs it quick.

Nick needs the whole truth about his being in Alcatraz.

Nick needs you

Nick needs to be in a bubble and be my bubble boy.

Nick needs a place to stay.

Nick needs first and foremost, love, structure and a. nurturing, understanding permanent family that will encourage him towards his.

Nick needs to keep up a C+ average or else go into the Army

Nick needs a bottle to pee in.

NICK needs to seriously re-evaluate their so-called relationship!

Nick needs to be beaten with a clue stick

Nick needs to escape his far from perfect life.

Nick needs to give Cassie what SHE needs.

Nick needs Tess.

Nick needs to tell Centrelink about the money he earns from these jobs.

Nick needs to get to the training gym run by Martha’s brother, Tom.

Nick needs Allyson, but mostly because she encounters the emotional baggage that she has avoided for years.

Nick needs is to fall on his knees, to melt, to surrender, to let go of all his certainties about who God is, to be carried along by the breeze of the Spirit into a life not of his own making.


  1. "Nick needs to be reminded that it's not classy to drink blood straight from the bottle."

    That's right. A sophisticated gent drinks his blood from a teacup, with pinkie extended.

  2. Evidently there is a “Nick” in a TV show who is a vampire. That Nick seems to be not only a vampire but an ass. I would never consider drinking blood from the bottle.

    Bucky, I would only drink it from a Riedel Vinum Extreme Cabernet/Merlot/Bordeaux Wine Glass.

  3. HEhee I saw alot of these when I googled it for my guy, since he is also a Nick.

    I love the smacked silly one. I was cracking up.

  4. The first one I found said "Thomas needs money, and lots of it. Give it to him now," which I rather liked.

    But the second one said, "Thomas needs to shut the (censored) up," and after that I didn't want to play anymore.


  5. Jessica: “smacked silly” ain’t funny when address to a guy named Nick. Ask Nick!

    Thomas: You stopped reading at the right time! I rather wish I had, especially before “Nick needs to be kicked in the butt and Victor is the one to do it.”