Saturday, October 15, 2005

Searching Blogs

As you may or may not know, Google now as a search engine created specifically to search blogs. I was playing with it yesterday afternoon and decided to see if I could find other blogging dealing with methamphetamines. Unfortunately, my first search was too narrow: I used the term “methamphetamines Louisville” and the only results I obtained were what I had myself written. So I expanded the search by dropping “Louisville” and came up with “about 1800” results. Wow!

I read several of them and found that the blogs were both pro and con the use of methamphetamines. If I had had the time, I would have left comments on all of the blog entries I read. I didn’t, but may go back and do so at a later date.

Meth Junkie

On one of the blogs, Crazy Us, I found the above picture in a post entitled Those Crazy Kids and their Methamphetamines. I don’t know if the picture is of actual photographs or is morphed (if that’s the correct term). I do know that it says a lot to me and I would hope it says the same to those who have chosen to use that damned drug.

On a related subject, Friday I was at the pharmacy finally having the Rx my doctor gave me filled. While waiting for the prescription, a man came in with a “script” for four boxes of Sudaphed. Kentucky now requires that Sudaphed and Sudaphed-like decongestants be purchased from the pharmacy, where one must show identification and the name and address of the purchasers along with the amount in placed in a log book.

This guy would have drawn my attention even if the dialogue he had with the clerk didn’t. He had extremely long, dirty hair, torn jeans, and a long-sleeve shirt even though it was very warm outside. I have no problem with long hair or how people chose to dress; however, with my recent experience and new learnings about methamphetamines, my brain flashed the words “METH USER” in capital letters.

The dialogue between the man and the “dude”—a term I learned from Candy’s son—went something like this:

Clerk: “The prescription is for more Sudaphed that we’re allowed to sell at one time.”

Dude: “Don’t make no difference. It’s a script from my doctor and you gotta fill it.”

Clerk: “OK, but you still have to sign the register to get this.”

Dude: “Yeah, I know. Just gemma my stuff.”

The clerk looked at the man’s driver’s license: “I don’t understand. You live in Indiana and are filling this in Kentucky.”

Dude: “It’s a Kentucky script. Look at the doc’s address on it.”

The clerk consulted with the pharmacist and came back to the counter and completed the transaction.

I said to the woman waiting beside me who was smiling and shaking her head: “I wonder what would have happened had she refused to fill that?”

The woman replied: “Then that Meth-head would probably have gone across the counter, grabbed those boxes, and run out of here.”

I seem not to be the only one who is aware of the growing methamphetamine problem.


  1. I think the pictures are legitimate. I did a search on the web, and found the same photos posted at a CBS affiliate. LINK

    It sounds like the pharmacist was intimidated. I doubt the prescription was legitimate.

    And on a sort of a side subject, I wear long sleeve shirts all the time because I have vitiligo and need to be protected from the sun. Long hair, long beard, long-sleeved shirts; I wonder how many people look at me and think, "Junky." (I do, however, bathe and wear clean clothes.)

  2. It is very scary. I was informed today that my little county has the highest rate of meth use in the state of Georgia and is one of the top counties in the country! I guess it has to do with the socio-economic status here. At any rate, it is very scary what this drug can do, especially considering what it can be mixed with.

  3. I think there is a whole site called meth heads or something? Hold on...searching... ahhh yes

    Hope that link works.


  4. That pic is very accurate, I have worked with girls who spiraled down on meth and went from beautiful to horrid in a 2 or 3 year time span.... its sad.

  5. I, too,have known Meth addicts who ended up looking like her. Yes, its a "damned drug" that damns its users.

  6. I agree. The pictures are accurate. I've seen methamphetamines do the same to too many of my friends.

  7. THEY FILLED IT!!! I can't believe that. I hope there are no innocent children in the house breathing the toxic fumes when he decides to cook that up. That makes me very, very angry. I hope he'd been to a dozen pharmacies before he found one that would fill it. I'd hate to think it was so easy.

  8. Thomas: Thanks for your affirmation and the link. It was a good one. I don’t know if the pharmacist was intimidated because she never came to the counter, but the clerk certainly was. I don’t think that it was just his long hair and clothes that gave the impression he was a Meth-head, but his attitude said 90% of it.

    Punkmom: Yes, scary. I get the feeling from the research that I have done that methamphetamine use is increasing everywhere and has been since the 1990s. I don’t know what the socio-economic status of your county is, but here in Kentucky math seems to be becoming the drug of choice across the board.

    Jody: Yes, it is a scary picture. If you will follow Thomas’s link (above) you’ll find some similar ones that was just as chilling.

    Natalia: Thanks for the link. It’s a good site, with a lot of information.

    Jessica: That’s frightening to hear, especially since—as you know—Candy is a stripper and tells me that she can purchase just about any drug she wants at the club. The good news is we are back together again, the pusher hasn’t been around for at least four days, and her skin is clearing up which tells me she is off the methamphetamines. Of course, her drugs of choice are narcotics and I can’t always tell when she is on them.

    Abby: Thanks for your testimony. I’m going share all of these comments with Candy.

    Mike: Good to hear from you again. Thanks for your affirmation of the destructive elements of methamphetamines.

    Sonson: Yeah, the filled the Rx. Of course, had they not I’m sure someone else would have. BTW, a young girl was murdered in Indiana last year supposedly because she noticed a math lab in one of the apartments near her house.