Sunday, October 23, 2005

What Matters

I just learned from the significant other of my #1 son that my #2 son is divorced and has been for several months. I am shocked—as much by the fact I didn’t know about it. The others who knew of it—my oldest son and my ex-wife—told me nothing.

I feel the need to talk with my son. I’ve been attempting to reach him by phone without success. I have been tempted to speculate on why he didn’t share the information, but am fighting that temptation. It really doesn’t matter; what does matter is that I want to reach out to him with love and concern for his well-being.


  1. My prayers for your son. I hope all goes well. He may be relieved that you know and he didn't have to tell you.

  2. Thank you, sonson. I hope to talk to him soon. Yes, the conversation may be easier for him because I now know about his divorce.