Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another Absurdity & an Update

It happened again! I came home to find I had received another fax from a health care agency. This one was a referral for diagnosis. And, where the other fax listed a telephone number similar to mine, this one listed mine!

I wonder how much misdirected medical data is flowing around. It’s scary!

Regarding assistance for the folks who were victims of the Indiana tornadoes this last weekend, I have received information on procedure and am in the process of implementing it.

I am also preparing for a major meeting this weekend. If this post seems short, it is! I am occupied with other matters at the moment.


  1. That is a little scary! I hope my info isn't floating around out there... did that job interview go????

  2. Wow, I sure hope they didn't fax you the blueprints for my sex change embarassing would THAT be? ;)

    Good luck, Nick!

  3. Punkmom: Yes, it is disturbing that these medical faxes keep coming to my machine. What is even more disturbing to me is that I have received 2 of them in the past couple of weeks.

    Bucky: Uh, has this operation already been performed—or are you considering joining the masculine gender?

  4. i went to the dr last week for some tests. i hope they didnt send the tests to the wrong person

  5. I would suspect that your fax number is close to that of a medical facility.

  6. Jody: I hope so, too.

    Mike: I think you are on target; I wonder if the telephone company could help with this? I’ll telephone the telephone company and if, for once, I am put in contact with a human being, perhaps they can help.