Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cat Naps


  1. Sometimes Saintly Nick, could I ask if you are doing this all yourself or do you have a special website person creating all this for you? If it's you, I say wow and good job. Maybe you can give me some tips on my sexy making out site if you have time. I don't know if you're interested in sexy making out stuff, but it's 'the place' to go for that. Well, just though I'd drop by and say "YOU'RE AWESOME!!" and that you have a nice blog.

    Seeeee ya later.

  2. Your baby is so so adorable. I just want to kiss that little tabby spot on his head and run my fingers through his white belly fluff.

  3. Sexy Kiss: I did look at your “blog” and may look at it again. Too bad your post was a spam.

    Jessica: Before you can kiss the spot on Alex’s head and run your fingers through his white belly fluff, you have to catch the little bugger! Since the 2 adults and the 16-month-old little girl and 2 cats have come into my household, Alex spends most of his time outside.

  4. You really have a crazy cat!

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