Saturday, November 12, 2005

The End of a Long Week

I’ve had a couple of long days and a very busy week! Tomorrow I chair the annual business meeting of the association of churches for which I am president. Due to the resignation this summer of the vice-president, I took on the role of also chairing the nominating committee.

Because we have new by-laws going into effect next years, all of the offices and committees of the association have to be filled. Thus I had to find almost three times the normal number of nominees. I finally finished late this afternoon and have just completed creating the ballot—including footnotes explaining the roles and terms of each office. Now I can rest until tomorrow morning!

In other matters, I had a telephone call from my old and dear friend, Candy. She informed me that she is thinking about marrying a man she met a couple of months ago. He is twenty years younger than me (she pointed out). Hey, folks! I may be in my fifties, but I am far from past my prime!

Regarding the other couple I wrote about, who were planning to move in together and perhaps marry, I have heard nothing. Maybe they have given up on the idea? I rather doubt it!

There is also some what I suppose I could call “blogger news.”

I want to thank Jessica Rabbit for giving me some insight into a serious personal problem I was having. The time she spent with me on Yahoo Messenger has cleared my head of lots of shit!

I recommend you take a look—and listen—to Niki’s Thots from my secret life post for today. She is a great musician and figured out how to allow us to download and hear a song, Piece of Heaven, that she wrote and sings on her band’s newest album. It’s well worth the time. The song is great: I’ve been listening to it all day as I prepared for the association meeting.


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  2. So glad you enjoyed my song...I'm very flattered :)

  3. It’s a splendid song, Niki, in a style and of a genre that I really enjoy and appreciate. I can easily identify with the lyrics and my own search and longing for that elusive “piece of heaven.”