Saturday, December 10, 2005

Homelife Update

My “guests” have again left for the day. They have, of course, not responded to my demands that they move out of my house.

Last night while I was working on my eBay business, Brian walked from the bedroom into the kitchen. When I finished my work, I went into the kitchen and was accosted by a strange smell. My first thought was, What did he cook? Then I detected gas filling the room from the left front burner on my stove! Had I not been up—or had I not entered the kitchen—there is a good possibility that we would all be dead by now! I knocked on the door and confronted Brian. Of course, he denied turning on the stove. Neither he nor Stephanie expressed any concern about the potential tragedy.

This morning I heard from Tiffany, the woman I have hired to help me clean my house. She had become so upset with the behavior of Stephanie and Brian that on her own she talked with a friend of hers who is a legal secretary, who in turn talked to her boss. Tiffany informed me of her contact this morning and told me that the secretary reported to her that I could get Stephanie and Brian to move out, but that it would cost me $150.00 in legal fees plus Sheriff’s fees to do so. I really can’t afford that expense.

I have retrieved some of my most important property from my spare bedroom, including my Bose radio/CD player that Stephanie and Brian had taken in there without my permission. I have also emailed an old college chum who is a circuit court judge in a Kentucky county southwest of Cincinnati. I hope that he can provide me with some options.

On a lighter note (I think), I could not find Alex yesterday morning. I was certain I had not let him outside. I called him and he didn’t come, yet I kept thinking that I heard his voice. Then I heard scratching coming from my kitchen. I opened every drawer and cabinet and finally found Alex inside the bottom section of my built-in cupboard. I have no idea how he got there. The male kitten, Toby, who disappeared a few days ago, has returned. I wonder if Toby might have shut the cupboard doors on Alex after my inquisitive cat wandered in to explore what foodstuffs were there?

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  1. So glad you noticed the smell of the gas: I would otherwise miss reading one of my favorite blogger.