Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Judge Has Spoken!

I received an email message from my college friend who is a Circuit Court Judge. In my message to him I asked it there is a legal way of getting my “guests”—renters—out of my house that would not cost me a fortune. Below is his response:

Yes and it will not cost $500.00. Go the office of the District Court Clerk and tell them you need an eviction notice. Take it to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and ask them to serve it for you on each of your renters. (They are renters even though they have not paid.) If they don't move after the notice, return to the Jefferson County District Court Clerk's Office and ask for a Forcible Detainer Complaint. Fill it out and have the summons and complaint served on each of your renters again by the sheriff. They will tell you a date and time to appear in District Court to testify as to the forcible detainer. Once you get to this point, if they have not left, inform me of where you are in the process and I'll tell you what to do next. Good luck.

I shall take action on Monday!


  1. Great! I see you have a way of riding yourself of the pests that have infested your home.

  2. Hooray! Finally something that you can do. Feels so much better than being helpless and enraged. Hope it works. Something has to work.

  3. Mike: I am certainly doing my best to get them out ASAP.

    Jay Are: You are so right! I was feeling stymied by their passivity. It felt great to be able to do something positive about the situation.

    Abby: It FEELS good to me!

    Punkmom: I shall keep you updated.