Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Movin' On

In a comment to my post Too Much Death, ex-Louisvillian turned Yankee Bucky Four-Eyes wrote: “Here's to a fresh, better new year for all!” Bucky’s toast to the coming year is one I can echo. There have been too many losses for too many folks in 2005, so I am looking toward 2006. It’s time for me to look to the future and start moving toward and into it.

Since the departure of my "guests", we (my new housekeeper, Tiffany and I) have put my spare bedroom back into some acceptable, if Spartan, order. My guests removed from it—and in the act cluttered my study—those items that, to me at least, made it cozy: lamps, books, figurines, etc. I still have to place those back into the room; however, at the moment it is clean and disinfected.

One aspect of the now-clean bedroom is that my housemate, Alex the cat to whom I am an indentured servant, has decided to move in. Alex no longer hops onto my bed as soon as I am contentedly covered by my eiderdown. He now sleeps contentedly on the comforter in the spare bedroom—or, should I begin calling it “Alex’s room?” The only problem that I can see with Alex having his own room is that I may not want to return the figurines to the lampstand and chest-of-drawers in there. Alex has a habit of walking across the surfaces of furniture and pushing whatever he can off and onto the floor.

Speaking of figurines, Bucky at times photographs and posts picture of her figurines—toys?—in weird and sometimes, uh, rather obscene poses. I have at times envied Bucky’s collection of toys. Then I realized that I have my own collection in shadow boxes on my living room wall. It appears that my guests only stole 3 of the figurines—a family of cats—from one of the shadow boxes. Thankfully, my #2 son gave me a Native American Eagle Dancer that fits nicely into that shadow box.

As I am moving on into 2006, I will be doing so with the company of some of my dearest friends—books. With Tiffany’s help, I have finally gotten all of the shelves and many of my books into the (almost) floor-to-ceiling book cases that line the walls of my study. (Can I now begin to call that room my “library”?) The books are not yet in the order in which I eventually want them; they are, however, out of the boxes that have contained them for so long and up where I can find them.

I also have my dragon kite back up on the wall in my entrance hall. I realize that I shall never fly that kite, for I, like Charlie Brown, would inevitably get it ensnared in the branches of a tree that would eat it.

Does anyone know anything about fengshui (Feng Shui)? I have read a book or two, but I still can’t seem to get the placement and arrangement right!

As I move on toward and into the coming year, having again remembered the dance of Christmas, I feel the need to do the dance of life and love. The losses I have suffered in the past few years have affected the dance’s movements, but I sense a new choreography coming in to my life that conveys a fresh freedom, love, hope, joy—and shalom.


  1. LOVE the dragon, Nick! Very cool. Glad you got rid of your "guests". What a pain in the arse.

    Here's hoping for a happier 2006!

  2. Nick, were you peekin' at my tchotchkes? ;)
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has these things about the house.

    LOVE the kite. But it would beg me to find a beach and fly it.

    Happy New Year! With Alex there to guide your steps, it HAS to be better for you than 2005 was. I'm planning on a better year myself.

  3. Nick, I hope the New Year brings you much peace and joy. I'm glad that you are finally getting your house back to your own.
    I love your library. R and I have enough books between us to start a library of our own...unfortunately we don't have the space right now.

  4. Wow! I like those swords! You have some great stuff.

  5. GREAT KITE and since I am a dragon perhaps that one needs to live with me!

  6. I agree: I like your dragon.

  7. amen to starting a new year.Seems we all could use a fresh start of sorts...

  8. That dragon kite is neat and so are your Japanese swords. But I REALLY like your bookshelves!

    I salute the coming new year with you!

  9. Nick, you are polar opposite from fengshui.

  10. Wonderful pictures. Please share some more of your house.

  11. The kite is awesome!

    How exciting to have all of your books in a library now that you can easily get to!!

    Happy New Year!

  12. Callie: Thanks! I rather like the dragon myself. I walked past it the in the shop window for several weeks before I broke down and purchased it.

    I feel much more at home and secure with my guests gone!

    Bucky: Of course I have been peeking at your tchotchkes! I think they are neat—and they bring out the child in me.

    If you find the beach, I’ll bring the kite. All of the beaches around me run along the Ohio River and most have plenty of trees on them to eat my kite.

    And a Happy New Year to you. Alex is much less of a guide than a pain in my ass.

    Punkmom: Thank you. I am looking for some joy; peace/shalom has been building rapidly since the house has been emptied of my guests.

    I bought the bookcases a couple of years ago; however, until I had Tiffany to help me, most of my books remained in boxes. It is really great to be able to look on the shelves rather than open box after box to find one book.

    Roger: The swords were sort of an afterthought to the kite.

    Morgan: You can’t have MY kite, but if you ask nicely I’ll tell you where you can possibly find one like it.

    Azsonofagun: Glad you like the dragon, Rex. Perhaps I can bring it to Arizona and we can fly it there. As I remember, there is a lot of space in the desert without kite-eating trees.

    Sheeesh: Staring afresh really sounds like an excellent idea! Hear to 2006 a bit early!

    Mike: Thanks. Hey! If I bring to kite to Arizona, perhaps you could join Rex and me in flying it?

    Anonymous: Hmmm. That sounds like a Rudy comment to me!

    Milkmaid: Thanks for joining the pro-dragon kite group! The bookcases are grand. I must write more about them—and the kite—soon.

  13. Well i am happy they are gone! house is looking better! and last but not least NICK NEED TO START YOUR YEAR OUT BY THINKING AND CAREING ABOUT YOURSELF AND NEEDS! YOUR FRIEND TO THE END ALSO HOUSE KEEPER TIFFANY

  14. chica40208: Thank you, Tiffany! I shall place your suggestion at the TOP of my New Year's Resolutions.

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