Wednesday, January 18, 2006

TNT Revisited

Back in September of 2005, I wrote a series of blog posts regarding my grandfather, Louisville police officer and detective Nicholas Temple, a.k.a. “TNT—Terrible Nick Temple”:

15 September, 2005 Old TNT
16 September 2005 TNT and the Purloined Refrigerator
24 September, 2005 The “Terrible” Side of TNT

I promised to post a picture of my grandfather, if I could find one. Recently I came across something that was given to me after his death: TNT’s retirement badge and ID card, which is in a leather case; I am posting that below. You may note something about Granddaddy Nick that may seem implausible based upon the stories about him: according to the ID card, Terrible Nick Temple stood only 5’5” tall and—at least at retirement—weighed in at 187 pounds.


  1. I love the old badge and photo. Doesn't sound like they had issues with height or weight.

  2. I'm glad you linked the other posts, i'll go back and read them :-)

  3. I have a terrible time throwing away keepsakes like that - my favorite wife call me a packrat - not sure why. :) ec

  4. I'm a pack-rat myself. This is an incredible post, Nick! Thank you!

  5. I just read--re-read one--the stories you wrote about your grandfather. If you could expand them and if you have more stories, it would make a nice book.

  6. Squirl: Evidently back in those days—I think he started as a cop sometime before 1920—they judged a person on other things besides height and weight!

    Lawbrat: I hope you enjoyed the earlier posts/stories about Terrible Nick Temple. Last night I printed them and took them to my mother. I was uncertain how she would react because she was always frightened of her father-in-law—i.e., old Terrible Nick Temple.

    Mreddie: I, too, have a lot of “keep sakes.” Unfortunately, I have no idea where most of them are.

    Punkmom: You are welcome—and thank you!

    Azsonofagun: Thanks, Rex. Everyone these days wants me to write a book! Maybe I shall. Maybe.

  7. Neat that you have that. I read the TNT stories. They were good.

  8. THat's a good scan of what I assume is the badge and case. My scanner would not have done nearly as well.

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