Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blogger SNAFU

I’ll begin with non-SNAFU: an Alex update.

Alex visited his vet on Saturday and she found nothing wrong with him. Regarding his vomiting, she said that vomiting is one of the things cats do and I should not be alarmed unless he has other symptoms. Regarding his not eating, she noted that Alex is rather like meat that is not refrigerated: he’s spoiled.

With the exceptions Alex’s vet visit and Pittsburgh’s victory in today’s Super Bowl, this weekend has been SNAFU so far as I’m concerned. Well, maybe not completely, but so far as Blogger and my blog has been concerned, everything has been a real mess.

Blogger had problem from at least Friday until the wee hours of this (Sunday) morning. For the majority of that period, I could not connect with my blog, read comments, or post. Speaking of “comments,” many that I left on other folks’ blogs never showed up.

When I was finally able to get to my blog and people were able to leave comments, some jack-ass spammer posted a comment entitled something like “Housecleaning—KY” to every post I have ever made. Yeah, all 321 of them! The only difference was each had a different state name as reference, until all of the states were listed and then the spams started over! I have deleted a bunch of them, but nor all of them. When I follow the s.o.b.’s link, all I find in a bunch of Google ads. I wonder if there is any place I can complain about this spammer—and if complaining would do any do.

I was so irritated by this action that I did what I said I would not do: I turned on the word verification program. I dislike those random letters when I make comments on other blogs, but I really can’t deal with the kind of spam I received yesterday.

OK, I suppose all of the screw ups this weekend did deal with Blogger. Otherwise it went relatively well—if I disregard the extreme cold spell we’ve entered here in Kentucky. Just a few days ago the temperature was a spring-like 62 F; at the moment it is 21 F.

I'll end with congratulations to the Steelers! At the end of the first half I didn’t think they would do it. But they played the second half like the true Super Bowl champs they are!


  1. im glad little alex is ok even if he is spoiled :)

    i dont like these word things. i keep typing the wrong letters.

  2. I don't like the letters, either, but I experimented once by turning them off- and got three spams in thirty seconds. I guess the spammers have 'bots set up to instantly take advantage of any weakness.

    I'm still going to wait for Tuesday before I post again. It's frustrating when blogger goes down- but I'm getting my money's worth. ;o)

  3. Oh..there was a football game on yesterday?


  4. I suppose the cat is all right. Yes, cats do vomit quite a bit. Your story of the spammer intrigues me; I understand stricter laws including prison sentences are coming about for spammers. I find it strange that someone would risk prison to send a bunch of unwanted emails. I am sorry about your cold spell; the forecast high here in Arizona for tomorrow is 73. Do you want to come visit for a while? :