Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cartoon Lunacy

The attacks, the burning, the riots, the deaths, and the death threats coming from Muslims over Danish cartoons has been getting to me. I have only addressed this once before, in my Friday Hodgepodge V post on February 1st. A fellow blogger sent me an email that informed me that the Washington Post online had picked up my little snippet about the rage of Muslims in regard to the Danish publication of these cartoons and included it in a post: NewsTalk: Top 30 Blogged About News Articles. My blog post is number 15 on the list. I appreciate being included in the "top thirty".

Last night, during one of my recurring sleepless moments, I decided to use Google Blog Search to discover what other blogger are writing about this cartoon lunacy. Below are some of the bloggers’ words I discovered. I admit that, although I was going to link to random posts, I have left out some from very militant right-wing Christian blogs whose words were, to me as a mainline Christian theologian, much too vicious and hate-filled.

Lock & Load writes:

Why are some Muslims and their appeasing liberal/left allies getting so het up about fantasy cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, while ignoring real-life murderous insults and threats by Islamist fundamentalists (depicted in the photo below) in London, Europe and many other parts of the world?

One cannot help but reflect on the irony, as journalist Sarfraz Manzoor did on BBC News 24, that it is perhaps not the best way to protest the way one is depicted in a cartoon by behaving the way one was depicted in the cartoon. “In a way it confirmed the stereotype,” said Manzoor. “The reaction is doing more damage than the original offence.”

Voteswagon writes:

Just when you thought Iran could not get any more callous, or irresponsible, there is now news that they are sponsoring a holocaust cartoon contest. However, since Iran believes the holocaust never happened we suggest you enter by submitting as many blank pages as possible.

Thousands of people will read this post and we hope they share it with all of their friends, and co-workers, feel free to forward our link to everyone you speak with, this madness must come to an end, mankind cannot tolerate this type of behavior from any race, or religion. We sugggest the blank white pages be submitted as a reminder that we give up in trying to deal with their idiocy.

Big Ole Mess writes:

If Jesus has a sense-of-humor then why can't Mohammed? These cartoon protests are unreal. I understand that it is highly offensive, to Muslims, to recreate Mohammed in an image, statue, etc. However, why are they killing people over it? Isn't one of the greatest most important Muslim laws "not to kill"...just as it is in the
Christian Ten Commandments???

Do these people over in the Middle East have jobs? It seems like they are always protesting, burning flags, blowing stuff up, blowing themselves up, and the like. Do they just sit around all day wondering what they can do next to denounce our Western culture?

Exile in Portales writes:

I believe the radicals have so intimidated moderate Muslims that they are afraid to speak out. As Mr. Ali points out, heresy in the greatest part of Muslim world is a crime, and a serious crime, at that. So, aside from the threats of violence delivered by the radical Muslims, you have the force of the Islamic STATE criminalizing any criticism of Islam that may be offered. Moderate Muslims in the United States who feel free enough to speak out will be largely ignored by the rest of the umma, because they would be perceived, in my opinion, to be Americans first, and Muslims second. To a lesser extent, the same would be true of individuals in other nations daring to criticize Islam or more importantly, he radical brand of Islam that is the source of the problems we face.

The second facet of the problem is the West’s tendency toward tolerance, even of those who would kill us for our tolerance. The importance of this misguided train of thought cannot be over-emphasized. We should NEVER tolerate those who would deprive us of our freedom, even if those people wrap their outrage of things we say or do in the cloak of their faith. We’re reaping the bitter fruit of excessive multi-culturalism. That’s a terrible outcome for a movement that began with pure motives at heart. But like a lot of things taken to excess, multi-culturalism has become an evil unto itself. Just sayin’.

Just in case you have not viewed but are intersted in seeing the cartoons that provoked this lunacy, journalist Michelle Malkin has risked whatever penalty the lunatic Islamic fundamentalists try to extract from her and posted them on her blog in a post entitled SUPPORT DENMARK: Why the Forbidden Cartoons Matter.


  1. I had not seen those cartoons before. Most a really funny. Now I am even more confused about this whole issue.

  2. I like the second paragraph of what Lock & LOad said; I have a question or two about the first.

    I had seen the cartoons. A couple were funny and almost all where on traget in speaking the truth.

  3. My friend Windchime Walker does a decent job explaining the Arab viewpoint on her blog. If you scroll down a little bit, she talks about her friend Rabih who was actually at one of the protests.

  4. Abby—I don’t think you are the only one confused about all of this. I am, too.

    Azsonofagun—I really can’t comment on the cartoons. Yes, some were “on target”—at least as I perceive the target.

    JD’s Rose—Thank you.

    Thomas—I’ll take a look at Windchime Walker’s post.

  5. Flemming Rose born 3/14/1956 into a Jewish family in the Ukraine has a major in Russian language and literature from University of Copenhagen. From 1990 to 1996 he was the Moscow correspondent for the newspaper Berlingske Tidende. Between 1996 and 1999 he was the correspondent for the same newspaper in Washington, D.C.. In 1999 he became Moscow correspondent for the newspaper Jyllands-Posten and January 2005 the cultural editor of that paper (KulturWeekend). He fled Denmark where he was under police protection to Miami, Florida in fear for his life where he is currently in hiding.