Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Insurgency

Tonight I watched the PBS Frontline investigative report, The Insurgency. It opened my eyes to who the United States, the Iraqi government, and the coalition of nations are fighting in Iraq. Most of all, the program provided for me a raison d'être for our being there.

The words that drove this home to me were spoken by an Iraqi commander. He pointed out that 70% of the country is not under the country of the Iraqi police or the U.S. led coalition. He predicted that, should the coalition forces withdraw from Iraq prior to the country being stabilized, a gruesome civil war would ensue: Sunnis would kill Shi'a, Shi'a would kill Sunnis, Christians would kill Muslims, and Muslims would kill Christians.

In remember the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994, while the United Nations and the rest of the world looked the other way. I should not like to see such a bloodbath take place in Iraq.

I invite you to watch the Frontline report. I invite your comments here.


  1. I’m still trying to decide what I think.

  2. i wish my brother was home from iraq

  3. This topic is one which would open up a whole can of worms with me! I am way too opinionated!


  4. The United Nations did not look the other way.

    But Reagan did.

  5. I'll look to see when this might rerun for us here.

    One thing that I wished, is that we'd see more advancement of our efforts there. So much death during such a SLOW process.

  6. It sounds a lot like the presentation I saw from the CENTCOM guy. Thanks for the link. I'll watch it

  7. I just wish everyone could come home safely...but they wont and that makes me very sad.

    I am sad for them too....

  8. Azsonofagun—This is a difficult question, one which has not pat answer.

    Joy—I understand your love for your brother and the desire you have for him to come home to you safe and sound.

    JD’s Rose—I agree: this is “a whole can of worms.” I have been struggling with it since the beginning.

    Anonymous—The only problem with your comment is that Clinton was the President, not Ronnie Ray-guns.

    Milkmaid—The process has been extremely slow, both the training of the Iraqi forces and the defense against the insurgents. Friends who are in the military tell me that progress is being made, but the results aren’t that obvious. This adds to my belief that the whole invasion—and especially the occupation—of Iraq were poorly planned and executed.

    Kylee—I agree. The whole situation is sad and distressing.