Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother’s Day Disappointment

What is that saying about “the best plans of mice and men…”? That is how today went. After creating a special Mother’s Day card and making dinner plans with Mom, I wasn’t able to get to my her house. The flat tire combined with a steady, cold rain—too cold and steady to be out in it changing a tire—kept me at home.

However, there is always an alternative! Tomorrow I have a medical appointment that will take me near my mother’s house. Thus, I’ll drop by to visit her on my way home. Of course, both the appointment and the visit are dependent on getting that tire repaired.


  1. I'm sorry your plans didn't work out, but there's no reason you have to celebrate Mother's Day on the day the government tells you to.

    Stick it to The Man! Celebrate Mother's Day on your own day! ;o)

  2. Oh pooh! At least you'll have the chance tomorrow, hope you both have a special day :o)

  3. I hope your tire got fixed. And Happy Mother's Day to your Mom.