Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Return of Rudy’s Visitors (Bears)

A while back I posted some pictures that my retired college fraternity brother and sometimes roommate, Rudy, took at night of the family of bears that was raiding his birdfeeder. Later I published the newspaper article that appeared about Rudy’s bear visitors.

Well, the bear family returned—this time in daylight. Rudy writes:

It was 8PM and the bears came back. The mother was standing on her hind legs reaching for the bird feeder. K. opened the window for me to take a picture and they started running off. I got these shots.

I responded:

Are you thinking about opening up a bed and breakfast for bears? Seems you already have the clientele.


  1. Evidently he has all the "bear necessities". Will always remember that song in "Mowgli". ec

  2. Are you sure those are bears? The blurry center photo looks very much like a genuine picture of BigFoot I saw once…

  3. Hi Nick ~~~ The photos are great, but I wouldn't like the bears so close.
    Can he fence them out or what is the
    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the nice little verse.
    Take care Nick, cheers, Merle.

  4. OMG that would scare the SH*T out of me to see then that close, to my home!! I'd freak, for sure.