Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Thefts Around Me

The following article appeared this morning on the webslite of a Louisville TV station:

Police Canvassing Metro Area Warning Of
Theft Dangers
LOUISVILLE, Ky. - As Metro police continue their search for more culprits in a rash of east end car break-ins, officers are going door to door warning people of potential dangers. Tuesday, officers talked to homeowners in the Copper Creek subdivision.
In the past week, investigators have looked into nearly two dozen thefts.
Police said they are telling homeowners to remove valuables from their cars and to store them in their garages if possible.
"A lot of people get too comfortable, they get very complacent with their homes and think nobody's gong to come onto their property and take anything," said Metro police Officer Anthony Padgett.
So far, police have arrested four adults and two juveniles in the thefts. They face a series of charges ranging from burglary to credit card fraud.
I live in the east end of Louisville and am taking the warning seriously!


  1. Look at it this way, if you get stuck in your car again one of the burglars could let you out!

  2. Oh, no! That's horrible news for you! Definitely stay safe, Nick!! It's getting crazier here in Indy, too - Mr. Wonderful's car was broken into (as were many other cars in his neighborhood)...his cell phone and CD player were stolen. Luckily, it seems they're taking just enough to buy a few joints or crack or whatever they do with the stuff they steal, but who knows what's next if we don't protect ourselves.

    And please don't forget to lock your house up, too - especially when you're in it!

  3. I would too! Especially if they are taking the time to go door to door! Take care!

  4. Good luck on the safety of your car and stuff. That sucks.

  5. LIMPY: Now that’s a positive way of looking at it!

    LITTLE SISTER: Things may be looking up regarding the car break-ins. The police have arrested two culprits, but only after they stole an under-cover cop’s SUV that contained a pistol, surveillance items, and a couple of police radios.

    SONSON: I am now very careful with what I leave in my car. And I keep telephoning the people who are supposed to repair my garage door and asking when they are going to do it.

    SQUIRL: Thanks!