Wednesday, July 12, 2006

H.T., Carlos, Francis, & Me

It was just over a year ago that I wrote about my personal experiences with terrorists—urban guerrillas they were called in those days—in relation to the London bombings. I had forgotten about that blog post until last evening when I began reflecting on the carnage of the Mumbai bombings. I ended that blog post with the words I realize that for everyone living in this age, the intimidation of the unending threat of unexpected violence has become a terrible part of life.

This afternoon I stopped for gasoline at the convenience store owned by my friends from India. H.T., the father, was working behind the counter. Of course, our conversation centered on the yesterday’s Mumbai (Bombay) bombings. H.T. told me that he had telephoned a friend who lives in Bombay (H.T. refuses to use the “new”—to us English speakers—spelling and pronunciation); the man had been near to where the eight bombs exploded. He said that it was rush hour and the streets and trains were filled with people. The terrorists could not have chosen a more destructive moment to detonate their bombs.

When we ended our conversation, H.T, said, “It is terrible that for today and for our grandchildren’s children sudden bloodshed has become a way of life.” It seems that H.T, and I agree: this “war on terrorism” will last for generations…unless, of course, someone is willing to set about following the advice of Carlos Santana that I shared yesterday.

Oh! And let us not forget Saint Francis, whose prayer many of us pray each day.


  1. I'm so glad to know that there is coming a day when Christ will rule and reign in our world and peace will finally become a reality. Until then we can have the peace of God in our hearts and strive to spread this peace to all we come in contact with. ec

  2. That is a beautiful prayer.

    I'm glad you recieved the CD's and liked them.

    I have some more you may like. I'll send you an email in a few days.

  3. One person at a time. That's how peace can spread.

  4. Do you think that our children will ever get to grow up in a world that is not filled with hatred and violence?

    Tis a sad sad world...

  5. Hi Nick ~~ What a troubled world we live in. Such awful things happening.
    I thought of Bastille Day today, so hope that Tifany is OK.
    I love thatSt Francis Prayer.
    Take care, Merle.

  6. Hi Nick,

    These are uncertain times- although my mom talks of the worries that she had years ago when my uncles were soldiers & away from home- now their kids are away...

    & thank you for the reminder for continued prayer!

  7. MREDDIE: The difficult part of that theology for me is what one of the Niebuhrs (I forget which one) wrote: that we are to live today as if the kingdom has already arrived.

    LAWBRAT: The CDs are great. Thanks again.

    SQUIRL: I agree. The problem for me is when I encounter that one person who is dedicated to spreading hate and ill-will. I am human and am too likely to return to him what he gives to me.

    JD’S ROSE: My theology informs me that “the victory is already one.” My knowledge of history and human nature is much more pessimistic. I see this conflict between Muslim fundamentalists and modernity going on for generations to come. I also fear that, in their own ways, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, etc. fundamentalists are also involved in attacking modernity.

    MERLE: I thought of Bastille Day also and was prepared to write my blog on it. Contemporary events took precedence. I spoke with Tiffany yesterday. She has another month of suffering, but there is light at the end of that month.

    RHAPSODY: Your words about your mother’s worries remind me of a feminist song. I think the title is something like “Mothers, Fathers, Sons.” I wish I still had the lyrics.