Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tail Power

Alex, the cat who owns me, has suddenly discovered the power of his tail. He used to walk across my desk and, with his paws, push anything moveable—pens, papers, cigarettes, keys, etc.—onto the floor. Now he just relaxes on my desk and, with a flick of his tail, bats the same things onto the floor. (He just knocked my car keys onto the floor for the 4th time since I have been here at my desk this afternoon. I really need to keep those keys in my pocket!)


  1. Cats don't waste any energy that they don't have to. He's realized that he can relax and still torment you. :)

  2. Cats are very clever, they discover what annoys us, then keep doing it !!
    Your desktop looks like mine. I have a laptop, with a normal keyboard and mouse, also.
    And my cat thinks it's great fun to wlk all over it all !!
    Hope your weekend was great
    Take care, Meow

  3. LOL, Alex is beautiful! "Gizzmo" is my owner. She too loves my desk, and sits quite happily on the keyboard staring me in the face so i can't see the monitor!

  4. SQUIRL: I have noticed that Alex wastes no energy! Matter of fact, he hasn’t gone outside to play today. Of course, the outside temperature has been in the 90s all day and it is only in the 80s inside my house.

    MEOW: Cats are clever—and sometimes devious. Alex has learned that he can cover both of my keyboards with his body. Also, that funny things happen to my computer when he walks across the keys. The other day I left my desk with the computer on and when I came back Alex had opened three programs I didn’t even know I had!

    MICHELLE: Alex knows he is beautiful. He sits on my front porch and kids walk by and point to him and say to their parents, “Look at the pretty kitty.”

    Alex has some the same with me. He seems to get pleasure out of blocking my view of the screen.