Thursday, August 31, 2006

Alex the Fence Walker

Alex coming home from catting around the neighborhood.


  1. So very, very sweet! That kitty can really move, too!

  2. Ha, I think everyone has gone feline crazy! Everyone is posting pictures and videos of their cats.

    Check this out Nick----

    Watch that video, it's hysterical --- my friend has these two cats that are adorable. I think you'd appreciate this.

  3. That was great! Pretty kitty and so nimble-footed. Made me want to reach out and pet 'im!

  4. He looks satisfied, must have had a good night. He is just beautiful!

  5. Wow....nick. That was cool, really. Give my kisses to your feline friend.

  6. AZSONOFAGUN: I‘ll pass your comment on to Alex, even though I know the cat is already aware of it.

    LYNN: Alex is a true explorer and has moves I don’t believe—except, of course, when he got himself trapped on the limb of a tree 30 feet off the ground.

    DEB: I suppose it was a posting kitty day? Thanks for the link to the other video; it was much more professional than mine—but, mine starred Alex, which to me makes it the best!

    JAY ARE: I am sure that Alex would enjoy you petting him!

    NINA: Yes, he does look satisfied. Of course, part of that may be that I had called him to come home and he knew that his supper was about to be served.

    VISHWA: Than you. Kiss his hairy face? Well, I do—sometimes.

    LYNN: Thanks for the heads up. I visited Susie after receiving your message.

  7. Rats!

    I can't get it, Nick-

    Well, it sounds like it looked good:)

  8. Got it!

    How graceful! I wish I could move like that:)

  9. That is too cute! Alex is a very special kitty, and he was sent to a very special man. You two are blessed.

  10. too cute! great video.

    I love Alex! I hope Mr. Wonderful and I find a cat (or cats) like him :)