Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Suppose It’s Inherited

While rearranging the books in my bookshelves last night, I came across a Bible that was given to me as a gift when I graduated from high school. Since I own so many Bible in varying translations, I have seldom read this one. However, through the years, I have put memorabilia between its pagers. So last night I thumbed through its pages and found the following newspaper clipping, the death notice of my grandfather:

I did not remember that I had that newspaper notice of my grandfather's death. As you’ll read below, not knowing that I have something is not unusual for me. The clipping isn’t in very good shape; but that’s understandable, since it is over fifty years old.

There are several posts in my blog regarding Granddaddy Nick–or as he was called: TNT, which stood for Terrible Nick Temple. In several blog posts I have told the stories I have heard about him that indicates he wasn’t so “terrible,” but he was just.

This afternoon I learned something else I didn't know about my grandfather from my mother, TNT’s daughter-in-law. As those of you who have read my blog know, I am far from the neatest person alive. I seldom put things in drawers, primarily because I forget their existence. For me, out of sight is literally out of mind. It seems that my grandfather was the same way, as, according to my mother, was my father.

So, I suppose, my slobbishness (I think I just created a new word) is inherited. That makes me feel a bit better; with all their faults, I don’t mind sharing slobbishness with the males in my family.


  1. Nick, even if you have slobbishness, I think you're just plain NEAT!

  2. How fabulous!
    Slobbish perhaps in a physical sense, but never in a mental sense :o)

  3. Nick, years ago I invited you to move out here to the desert and live as a hermit. Nobody cares about slobbishness out here.

  4. Slobishness... I like it. I'm going to use that one.


  5. I am at the moment looking for my drivers licence.....I must have laid it down somewhere, but where? I am always moving things from one place, to another.....and never in the right I guess you could say I have slobbishness too.. but hey once you hit 60 you earn the right to be a bit sloppy.....LOL

  6. What a cool find!

    and I like what lynn said, you may have slobbishness, but you're totally neat!

    Nice to know I have such a cool brother in slobbishness. My sister and I were known as Oscar and Felix (from the odd couple)...guess who was Oscar? yep - 'twas I.

  7. Wow...I love it when there is preserved family history. That is awesome.

    And slobishness...ahh love it.