Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Was Once a Poet

Because the invitation appeared in my email, I impulsively entered an online poem in a poetry ontest today. I haven’t written a poem for years and the only ones I that I have written that I could remember came from when I was in the 4th (I think) grade:

Time to plant trees

Time to plant trees

You’re down on your knees

Time to plant trees

Near a swarm of bees

You plant at little tree

And it may grow and grow

Or it may die in a winter snow

Only God does know


There are people who are red

There are people who are dead

There are people who fight

There are people who are white

All are people like all the others

‘Cause all people are sisters and brothers

Note: I won an Arbor Day contest for the first and received a second place is some other contest (can’t remember what it was) for the second.


  1. I cannot resist
    The opportunity to
    Post a bad haiku

    Thank you very much.

  2. Those aren’t too bad for a 4th grader! Why don’t you write any poetry now?

  3. those are nice! i agree with abby, why don't u give it a chance now? I find it to be a good release for my emotions.

  4. Aww, they are nice poems. I used to write poetry as well, but I'm a bit past the whole teenage angst thing.

  5. Interesting poetry, especially for one so young

  6. The poetry bug still bites on occasion, but it is mostly in a silly vein. ec

  7. You clever thing! All this hidden talent we never knew :o)

  8. Is there something about the 4th grade? That's when I started writing poetry.

  9. You're a skilled writer - you should definitely try it again!

  10. I would enjoy seeing try your hand a poetry.