Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mother Update

As of today, there is really nothing to update. My mother remains in the same hospital. She was scheduled to enter a rehab facility last Thursday and again Friday. However, when the hospital staff has provided her with physical therapy, she has complained to the point that they have decided she is “not ready” for rehab.


  1. I know I'm throwing in my two cents without knowing all the facts, so feel free to ignore me, but: maybe you should reconsider surgery.

    If she is unable to do the physical therapy, it seems like your only two choices are surgery or massive amounts of drugs. Neither of those are particularly appealing, but I'm thinking the surgery might be the lesser of two evils.

    Whatever you decide, know that you're in my prayers.

  2. Aw, Nick. I'm sorry. I hope something changes soon. Know that you and your mother are both in my thoughts. I truly wish you both the very best.

  3. You are both in my thoughts and prayers Nick.

  4. I thank all of you for your words, thoughts, and prayers.

    My mother’s situation is complex and seems to become more confusing (to me) each day. She did not injure herself when she “fell”—she slid down the footrest of her lift chair while she was attempting to sit down and ended up making a nest for herself on the floor. The pain in her back that she complains of has been with her for many years, at least 20. It is no worse now than it was 20 years ago and generally dissipates after she stands up and walks a bit. The ER physicians did not want to admit Mom to the hospital; they did so only reluctantly. Because of the New Year’s holiday, the physician the hospital assigned did not see Mom until she had been hospitalized for couple days. No one seems to know the rehab plan or what its objective is. The more I learn about Mom’s situation, the more confused I have become.

    I don’t know what motivated my mother to select the nursing home/rehab center she has selected. Perhaps it’s that she had visited this nursing home when her sisters where there (that was 10 years or so ago) or perhaps, since she says she is going into a nursing home “to die.” she has chosen the place where her sisters, or at least one of them, died.

    Aunt Ann had Alzheimer’s. She took to getting out of bed at night and sleeping on the floor. No staff evidently paid any attention. She died of pneumonia.

    Aunt Lill was in her 90s and very clear headed. While in the nursing home she developed a bed sore on her leg that went into gangrene. I was her power of attorney and the MDs gave me the choice of signing to amputate her leg or allow her to die the horrible death from the gangrene. Of course, I signed. When she went into surgery the hospital staff had difficulty removing her false teeth because so much food and crud has built up around them. She died the day after the surgery.

  5. ooh Nick so sorry to hear. My thoughts are with you and your mom. I hope she feels better soon.

  6. Oh my goodness, this makes me so sad :(
    I wish there was an answer for both of you.

  7. Oh, Nick, my thoughts are with you and your mum ... hope something gets sorted out soon.
    Take care, Meow

  8. I hope that she gets better soon either way. Surgery is always scary but it might be the solution. hen again, was she complaining out of pain or because she is too tired to move?

    Either thoughts are with you.


  9. hope things turn out well for ur mother ..*fingers crossed.

  10. Nick,

    So sorry to hear of your pending troubles. I will say a prayer for you and your family.

  11. thoughts and prayers are with you. xx pink

  12. Your mother remains in my prayers!