Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thinking of The Saint

One of my favorite fictional characters is Simon Templar, a.k.a. The Saint, created by Leslie Charteris. The character is also a sometimes alter ego for me, as my chosen nickname, Sometimes Saintly Nick, may indicate.

By alter ego I mean that, when I need some incentive or energy, I may ask myself, "how would The Saint deal with this situation?" Sometimes the answer to that question works; sometimes it gives me ideas that I am too ethical to implement; and sometimes the answer motivates me but I lack the energy to do anything. Whatever the answer, it is a neat mental exercise, and has been an exercise I've practiced for many years and especially during my isolation the past several weeks.

If I had not thought of The Saint over the past several weeks, Turner Classic Movies (which I can't watch on TV at home since I have neither cable nor dish) would have reminded me of the character since tonight a series of five The Saint films from the 1930s and '40s were shown. I had never seen any of them and suddenly remember how much I enjoy black and white films from that era. I also recognized elements from short stories written by Charteris on which the film scripts were evidently based. It was a most enjoyable evening that has allowed me to escape from some of the worries and stresses that have been in my life over the past year or so.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I am to go to VA medical for the first time, and to my house to feed and snuggle with Alex.


  1. Tomorrow will be a good day Nick...

    Thinking of you.


  2. I'll be thinking of you too Nick. Hugs to both you and Alex.

  3. Rev. Saint, I, too, enjoyed The Saint books. Does that show our ages? Or, perhaps our desire to be modern Robin Hoods?

    I hope the Veterans Administration can meet your medical needs. Please give Alex a snuggle from me.

  4. Hope you get lots of cuddles and the little fur ball doesn't scratch you.

    Even if you're too ethical to implement some of those answers...I'm sure its fun thinking about them ;)

  5. I used to ask myself, "How would John Belushi deal with this situation?"

    It didn't lead to wise decisions, but it did make my life more interesting.

  6. Hi Nick, all the best with the Veterans' Association medical...but I'm sure it will be fine.

    I love The Saint, enjoyed the series when it was playing too.

    Huggle for you and Alex.

  7. I didn't know there were The Saint movies from then. I only knew about the TV series and the more recent movie. Good for you for finding something to help inspire you.

    I hope you get some real help at the VA med. I'll bet that Alex will enjoy seeing you as much as you will seeing him.

  8. I'm with Squirl. I only know the saint from tv and the movie.



  9. I'm suddenly reminded of the old Saint radio show's Christmas episodes, starring Vincent Price.

    Along those same lines, Turner is showing all the Saints to get some interest brewing for a new TV series of The Saint that is in pre-production for TNT.

    News about the new TNT Saint show

  10. "What would the Saint do?"

    Pretty catchy. It's an interesting concept though. I did something similar years ago, as a tool to get a bit more self confidence though I thought it was sort of childish at the time and stopped.

    I no longer think that way.