Saturday, March 24, 2007


Yesterday (Friday) was perhaps the most productive day I have had since leaving my house (and car) and becoming an exile here at my mother's house. As with Thursday, when he surprised me with a steak dinner at O'Charlie's, I owe and am thankful to my oldest son, Nick III. With his transport (a silver Mustang) and excellent advice, I (we) were able to accomplish more in about six hours than I have since I have been displaced from my home. In summary:

  • I am now approved for Veterans Administration medical benefits at no cost to me for at least the next twelve months. I should be receiving my VA ID card and a listing of available services and clinics in next Tuesday or Wednesday's mail.
  • All of the requested materials for my pension/annuity withdrawal are on the way to the United Church of Christ Pension Boards in New York City via Express Mail.
  • Nick and Sibyl are reviewing all of the materials regarding the foreclosure on my home to determine if there is any possibility of saving it.
  • We are developing alternative plans for a place for me to live if my home cannot be saved.

Of course, all of these issues have weighed on my mind for a very long time. I feel beginning sense of hope, even as I try not not worry about Alex or how all of this mess will turn out.

I intended this post to be much longer. I was going to write more about what I am learning from this trek/journey/Dark Night of the Soul that I am experiencing. However, the sun is brightly shinning and the weather is warm. I feel the need to be out of doors, perhaps watering my mother's flowers which are breaking forth from beneath the ground.

Blessings and many thanks to all of you, dear bloggers and readers!


  1. glad to hear there may be light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

  2. the sun is shining! :) I'm so glad things are finally happening :)

  3. Yea!!! Glad to hear that a few things are FINALLY swinging your way! Keep a positive thought Nick. There is more good to come.

  4. You are so blessed to have family like that. It is wonderful.

    I'm glad things are getting sorted out.


  5. Oh Nick, it means so much to see things turning around for you. That you want to be outside in the bright sunshine says it all.

  6. Wow! Yesterday was quite a day. I hope you have more like it with lots of sunshine, too.

  7. It's so nice to have such productivity and the feeling that things will be set right. I'm taking some peace for myself from this post as well. I'm glad your sun is shining, Nick. You deserve it.

  8. It seems that YHWH has, as with the children of Israel in Egypt, heard your cries and sent you a Moses, an angel named Nick III. May your journey into the promised land of a new beginnings be much shorter than the journey of the Hebrews.

  9. Wonderful news!

  10. Nick, I'm smiling for you! This is all sounding so great. Each person has his journey, but prayers and positive thoughts never hurt, either.

    Whatever the reason, I'm so glad things are looking up. Hope you truly enjoyed that sunshine!

  11. Glad things are starting to work out for you. Hope things start to look even brighter soon.
    Hugs to you and Alex.
    Take care, Meow