Thursday, May 24, 2007

Looking Over Alex’s Shoulder

This evening Alex wrote the following to his feline blogger comrade, Oscar:

Oh, Oscar, I am so glad you weren’t catnapped! I’m sure the experience was distressing!

I had a traumatic experience myself today. The human I own grabbed me and stuffed me in a bag and drove me to that human lady who does nasty things to me, like sticking me with needles (two today) and pushing on my rear and trimming my claws. Today she even told my human to put me on a special diet: no more Friskies with gravy!

But I am making the human I own pay! I am ignoring him (except when I am hungry) and I have taken over his computer!

Your feline comrade,


Friday Addendum

Alex has given up ignoring me. He is now more demanding of my attention than ever. He isn’t all that excited about his new diet, which was prescribed because the vet found that he is having difficulty metabolizing fats.

While reading blogs this afternoon, I found that Phishez is suspecting the cat of hiding a missing hairbrush. That thought got me thinking:

Always suspect the cat! I always suspect Alex, who enjoys walking on tables and desks and pushing whatever he can off of them. If I pull my desk away from the wall, I shall probably find a dozen or so pens, a half dozen cigarette lighters and maybe that bottle of prescription meds that disappeared between last night and this morning.


  1. Hey, Alex, cut your human some slack, okay? You could be living with Bucky. While she loves her cats, she also loves to humiliate them.

    Count yer blessings.

  2. Hey Nick, he'll get over it. Oscar did.

    Good to see you back, too.

  3. Reminds me of the movie Cats & Dogs. Dogs rule, btw...

  4. Oh, Alex, you know Nick loves you. Maybe your new diet will taste good!

  5. Poor Kitty.

    Nick! How could you?! So happy you guys are back together again though

  6. It's great to see you two back together. Congratulations.

  7. I'm so happy that Alex and you are home again.

  8. Haha, it's always the cat...or the dog in my case.

  9. I'm so pleased you are back together again ... I didn't think Alex could stay angry at you for long. Aren't cats naughty sometimes !! But, what would we do without them. Always something to laugh about.
    Take care, hugs to you and Alex ... Meow