Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ma Bell (Again) Has Us "by the calls"

The Bell System was a trademark and service mark used by the United States telecommunications company American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T) and its affiliated companies to co-brand their extensive circuit-switched telephone network and their affiliations with each other. The telephone system had a near-monopoly on the U.S. telephone market until its divestiture in 1984. The Bell System was commonly called by the nickname Ma Bell... An oft-heard remark at the time was "Ma Bell has you by the calls".(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Ma Bell is back, alive and again has the U.S. "by the calls," now including wireless and Internet. For those readers not from the United States or too young to remember the period before Ma was split into separate companies, the new at&t is sure to educate you in the ways of monopoly capitalism that never entered your worst nightmare.

The three trains that hit me at the beginning of this month as I believed I was coming to the end of the tunnel of my financial problems all belong to "trains" wearing the same logo: the New at&t.

The following video is a brief and humorous (maybe) summary of that corporation since 1984:

A related issue: for those of you who email me, I have a new address so that I am not dependent upon A. T. & T. for my emails. You can find it in my blog profile.


  1. I still haven't figured out how AT&T put it all back together again.

    Thanks for your kind words today.

  2. Glad to hear everything has finally (hopefully, fingers, toes and eyes crossed) sorted itself out.

    Its about time.

  3. Whoever said "these things are sent to try us" should be hit by trains two and three!

    I'm glad things are looking up for you, Nick. You've had a bit of a time of it over the last few months. Poor Alex must be feeling like an orphan...he'll be happy to have his papa back again.


  4. I hope that everything has finally settled down Nik. You deserve the break!


  5. Well, I guess we should refer Humpty Dumpty to AT&T (or at&t....are they going lower case now?).

    I vaguely remember that Colbert Report....too too funny! Actually, since I know the story, it was hard to laugh at first because I remember how the whole thing happened and it's all true!

  6. This story is very familar to me since I worked for Southern Bell before it split from AT&T. Then we joined with South Central Bell and became BellSouth. Thankfully I was retired before this last 'rejoining' back to at&t. ec