Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Thanks to my old friend, Terry, I now have my own transportation again and am no longer dependent upon begging rides from other folk. (I hope).

As I may or may not have written, I obtained new auto insurance about ten days ago. However, I could find no one available to ride me to the auto license bureau to update my license plates that (with everything else in my life) expired last February. When Terry responded to an email I sent informing him of my new address, I called him and asked if he could provide me with transportation to get my license decal and then to my house to pick up my car. He did and I am most grateful!

My CR-V now sits in my mother’s driveway. I did have an incident, however. On the way from my house to Mom’s house another motorist informed me that one of my front tires was very low. He was right! So I pulled into a gasoline station and, when I found it took three quarters to purchase air, grabbed my stick (cane) and hobbled inside to change a dollar bill. I then put air in the tire and drive to Mom’s house.

When I arrived, I couldn’t find my stick! It wasn’t in the car. Then I noticed it lying outside on the hood by the windshield. I had placed it there when I bent over to put air in the tire and drove all the way to Mom’s house without noticing it directly in front of me—or, thankfully, it falling off. I must have had another of what some folks call “senior moments.”

One final note: With any luck (and no more on-coming trains) Alex and I should be back in my house by Saturday!


  1. Nick, this fabulous!! I'm so glad things are coming together for you! I hope for no more trains.

  2. Amen!

    Looks like my walking stick, Nick - only mine has flowers on it:)

  3. I like trains, but not the kind that keep you from your house and Alex. I eagerly await the good news.

  4. I can't believe that it didn't fall off!

    I also can't believe that you guys have to pay for air over there. That is very bizzaar.

  5. You have to pay for air? Its AIR. How much is it costing the service station for that!

  6. Good news all around, it's about time for things to start falling into place for you. ec

  7. Good deal on the car. That should help.

  8. Nice car! It must be nice to have that freedom again. Thank goodness your cane stayed in place on the car...I would not have has such luck.

  9. I hope you and Alex will be home tomorrow!

  10. That is wonderful news! I am so happy to hear it.

    Hugs to you and Alex.

  11. Oh it warms my heart to know that things are coming together for you. You really do deserve it.

    *many huggles*


  12. Yay!

    I must confess I also have a LOT of senior moments these days and I'm only a sophmore.

    (I blame it on hormones)

    So glad you've got wheels again! Freeeeedom!

  13. Woohoo! You and Alex reunited...what great news! I can't believe you have to pay for air!!

    I topped up my tyres today...totally free. Air hoses and water are provided free at all service stations. Mind you, I don't know how long the free water will last, seeing as we are very short of that element in this country.

    Have a great week and I'm happy you are mobile again. Big hug each for Alex and you.

  14. I'm glad I don't have to see you on the side with your thumb up anymore! (hehe) This is great! I hope things are going fantastic over there for you! Enjoy your weekend!