Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Hodgepodge

Is America Burning blog has disappeared!

In a comment to Nick's Bytes and email conversation Granny informed us that she was making a minor change to Is America Burning when it vanished:

Letting people know in comments that I somehow zapped Is America Burning.
It's visible in bloglines and I hope WA can put it back together.
And no, I don't have a clue how I did it.

I am an Island

A few nights ago I was reading a book as I reclined in the bathtub filled with cool, refreshing water when I became aware of Alex sitting on the edge of the tub by my left shoulder. I spoke a welcome to the cat who owns me and went back to reading. A few moments later my water-hating feline climbed on my chest, curled into resting position, and promptly went to sleep.

If you’ve read this blog very much, you understand that when I describe Alex as “my water-hating feline” I am seriously understating his aversion to water in any form. Therefore, I feel honored that Alex trusts me enough to use me as an island refuge in the midst of a bathtub filled with the substance he dislikes so very much.

Speaking of Alex…

I thank you for the comments and suggests regarding his scratching and licking his coat. In the past few days he seems to be doing it less—at least I have not found any new spots on him. He has an appointment with his vet tomorrow; perhaps Dr. Caryl can tell me if he’s over his self-mutilating episode. I’ll let you know.


Ex-Louisville Guy made a comment on my Thursday picture post asking if I’d considered the word impeach. Honestly, I had not—I simply look forward to the inauguration of the next President. However, it seems that some have serious considered impeaching both our President and Vice President. PBS’s Bill Moyer’s Journal last week had a serious discussion of the impeachment President Bush and Vice President Chaney that I found fascinating. I’ll not attempt a summary of the program. I will suggest that you read its transcript, which can be found here.

And Last, But Far from Least: Remembering Mrs. Johnson, a True Lady


  1. I've been worrying about Alex. I hope he gets all better soon.


  2. Lady Bird Johnson was one of our best First Ladies. Of course, I think she learned how from watching Mrs. Roosevelt.

  3. Sad about Lady Bird...she sure made a difference in her own way. Love the mother would do the same!

    As for impeaching Dubya and his there's a thought!

    Hope you're weekend is going well...that's if you're not working!


  4. I'm glad to hear Alex is doing better. How cute that he used you for an island.


  5. How sweet!! I hope all goes well at the vet tomorrow.

  6. awww! sweet story! glad to hear he's feeling better and i hope it continues.