Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Iraq Is NOT Like Vietnam

I don’t care what the President told the troops, Iraq is not like Vietnam. How do I count the ways? Well, off the top of my head here are a few:

  • The goal of the “enemy” in Vietnam was to reunite a nation divided when independence was achieved from its colonial master; the goal of the “enemies” in Iraq is to fragment the nation and prevent stable unification.

  • Behind the Viet Cong guerrillas was full fledged armies (North Vietnamese) who took the field to engage the armies of South Vietnam and the United States when their power was sufficiently weakened by the guerilla warfare; there is no nation or army behind the insurgents in Iraq, unless one believes that Iran will commit political and military suicide by invading.

  • Prior to the end of the Vietnam war, peace talks were going on between the major combatants; in Iraq, we not only do not negotiate with the insurgent leadership, but for the most part we don’t even know who or where they are.

  • The U.S. military that fought the Vietnam War was made up primarily of draftees; the U.S. military fighting the war in Iraq is made up of 100% professionals.

And, furthermore, Mr. President:


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  1. Hi Nick,

    Well said! Good comparision! I too feel the Americans went a little overboard in their ambition. To us, here in India, it seemed more like an unfinshed agenda of Bush Sr that the Bust Jr set out for himself.
    Anyway, the world has learned an expensive lesson. Hope we go forward from here.
    Peace always...

  2. Well now you can pity us Aussies.....G Dubya and is enterage on Air Force 1 arrived here last night. Lucky America gets rid of him for a week whilst he's busy kissing "Little Johnny's" arse!

  3. Hey, Nick, great post! I read that article on and it seems that author knows more about American politics than the average American voter (but then, how many average Americans vote?).

    I'll add to your excellent points about the comparison that I'm aghast at the overwhelming number of soldiers coming back with debilitating injuries, the likes of which doctors have never seen or imagined! As far as I'm concerned, every soldier sent to war should come back home to the best medical care available in the world (provided for free of course), but instead, we're finding out that Walter Reed is in worse shape than a crack house and some soldiers are being denied care and or coverage while healing or rehabilitating from injuries....the list goes on too long. And of course, no one talks about those who need psychiatric/psychological care - the hidden disability.

    btw, michelle, sorry that you have to put up with the $hrub for a week.

  4. Very good posting, thank you!

    I go to be with the Greek people, and you?

  5. We lived through the Vietnam war. The only similarity I see is that the Iraqi government is even more incompetent than the Vietnamese government was.

  6. He did not say that Iraq is like Vietnam. He said that if we leave before the job is done it will be like the way we left Vietnam.

  7. You know, Rev Saint, I think if you take some time you'll come up with even more ways that Iraq is not like Vietnam.

  8. Well, you caught it at the end, but I was going to say that Vietnam and Iraq were also different in that GW has been to Iraq way more times than he ever went to Vietnam.