Saturday, September 29, 2007

Snoopy Dancin' Alex

Alex is doing a Snoopy dance (yeah, cats can dance, too)...

over the drawing S. E. E. Quine did of him:

Please remember that I am a blogger now, too: ALEXICON: A FELINE’S LIFE WITH HIS HUMAN. ~ Alex


  1. ` My internet reappeared! I'm so glad Alex is dancing! I've never seen a cat do that....

  2. Such a cute picture of Alex! No wonder he is dancing!

  3. Very nice! The drawing even has Alex’s one black nostril.

  4. Nice. No wonder Alex is snoopydancing.

  5. Drawing is good, but ain't I the cutest kitty you've ever seen?

  6. The sketch is a fine likeness of Alex that I believe truly captured his personality.

  7. Didn't S e e quine do a mighty fine job. What a purfect likeness of Alex. Oh and I love Snoopy. Love it.

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