Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Day Photos

Alex’s Stocking

Santa left Alex a new, large package of catnip in his stocking. Unfortunately, Santa had had not foreseen how aggressively the furball would open and partake of his gift.

My Christmas Dinner


  • New York Cut Strip Steak
  • Baked Potato
  • Tossed Salad
  • Dinner Rolls
  • 2001 Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cherry Pie
  • Coffee

The reason that these photos are taken of the meal on the counter is because anything set on the table without me in front of it with a knife and fork is at risk of being attacked by the furball.


  1. I think I prefer your Christmas dinner over the turkey and stuffing that we had. All that is fine for Thaksgiving, but Christmas should be about what you love. So I may be borrowing your menu next year.
    I'm so glad that Alex enjoyed his Christmas as well.

    Hope you both have a happy New Year !

  2. Looks like Alex really enjoyed his Christmas catnip. Love the photos.

    And your Christmas dinner looks good enought to eat! I have to go shopping later this morning, and just put a strip steak on my shopping list.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Mr. Nick.



  3. Nick: Your meat looks know what I mean. Cheers!!

  4. You and "the furball" both had a Christmas feast!

  5. I can’t let my cat see those photos or she will be jealous of Alex. I should not have looked at that steak. I am tempted to become a beef eater again.


  6. Alex was a good cat!

    And, your Christmas dinner looked a lot like mine! :D

  7. Nice cat--

    Merry christmas ole nike & happy new year.

  8. I see Alex isn't having much success with his 12-step programme.

  9. Alex is a lucky cat and you dear sir, are a lucky man.... *licks lips* that steak looks delicious!!
    Any left for me then? xx

  10. Sounds like you had a nice time.

    I hope you have a happy new year.


  11. You sure know how to treat yourself and your cat to the finer things! The torn open bag of catnip is hilarious and that steak looked very tasty. I miss my George Foreman grill! Have a Happy New Year's, Nick.

  12. Catnip and steak, what more could you need? I hope you both had a great day.

    I think I gave Bucky's cats the catnip more as present to Bucky and me than to the cats. :-)

  13. Nick, I think those are a few of you and Alex's favorite things!! :)


  14. Nick,

    Just reaching out to wish you and the kitties a wonderful day . . .

    That simple yet scrumptious dinner looked pretty good . . .

    May your breath and walk improve in the New Year . . .

    Namaste . . .


  15. The meal looks wonderful, especially that Australian wine you are drinking.

    I’m sure Alex enjoyed his catnip. Has he come back down to earth yet?

  16. Ahhhhhhhh simple abundance!!
    I bet that wine was primo!
    My favorite meal!!!

  17. ` Yumm! Looks good! Alex looks like a regular catnip junkie! I hope he didn't spread the catnip all over the place...

    ` P.S. paintings on my art blog!

  18. Well I know who to visit when i want steak.. lol! That looks great!!

  19. ah that looks divine- we had a braai!!!
    alex looks like he likes being spoiled...