Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hanukkah 2007

Hanukkah commemorates the rededication in 164 BCE of the Second Temple of Jerusalem after its desecration three years earlier by order of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the Syrian king who attempted eradicate the Jewish faith.

Hayo, haya, melech rasha, melech rasha.

Charbo chada, umlutasha, umlutasha
Mihu? Antiochus, Antiochus.

Let us remember reign of terror, reign of terror
King who murdered pain forever, pain forever
Who then? Antiochus, Antiochus
Antiochus, Antiochus

The blood he spilled, Jerusalem, Jerusalem
So many killed, gone all of them, gone all of them
Who then? Antiochus, Antiochus

Our hearts he broke, he burned the Torah, burned the Torah
Ash and smoke, the crushed menorah, crushed menorah
Who then? Antiochus, Antiochus

Arise our hero, Judah save us, Judah save us
Prize so dear, the vict'ry gave us, freedom gave us
Who then? Macabeus, Macabeus

Oh sing our songs and praise the Torah, praise the Torah
Right the wrongs and light menorah, light menorah
When then? Chanukah, Chanukah

Peter Yarrow]


  1. It's a really good song. I have a live version of it on CD by Peter, Paul, and Mary.

    Cheers Nick!!

  2. I'll have to look that song up. If Peter Yarrow wrote it, I'm sure it's beautiful.

  3. The video was quite funny in a sad way perhaps. "blow out the candles" !!
    I'm with Thomas and off to look the song up. :o)

  4. Peter Yarrow - excellent songwriter.

    here's one i thought he'd written, but it was his cohort, paul stookey.

    i'm not usually into "religious" songs, but this gave me goose bumps, and i found i'd "memorized" it the first time i heard it. melody and all...

    april fool

    Happy Hannukah

  5. Doo See Doo and Around We Go

    MATT-MAN: Yes, it is a good sing. I, too, have it on a P.P.&M. CD. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate a version on the Internet that I could imbed. Therefore, the words only.

    THOMAS: It’s a really good song, Thomas. Peter wrote another one that could also have been appropriate for this post, “Light One Candle” that begins”

    Light one candle for the Maccabee children
    With thanks that their light didn't die
    Light one candle for the pain they endured
    When their right to exist was denied
    Light one candle for the terrible sacrifice
    Justice and freedom demand
    But light one candle for the wisdom to know
    When the peacemaker's time is at hand

    Don't let the light go out!
    It's lasted for so many years!
    Don't let the light go out!
    Let it shine through our love and our tears.

    DAFFY: I wasn’t completely thrilled with that video, but after a long search it was the best I could find.

    CATNAPPING: Yeah, both Peter and Paul have written some neat songs. I am familiar with “April Fool,” but didn’t have the guitar chords. Thank you so much for the link. Early this morning I took out my guitar and played and sang it to myself. (alex was still asleep).

    Paul also co-wrote the song “Hymn” which I have performed in more worship services than I can count:

    Sunday morning, very bright, I read Your book by colored light
    That came in through the pretty window picture.

    I visited some houses where they said that You were living
    And they talked a lot about You
    And they spoke about Your giving.
    They passed a basket with some envelopes;
    I just had time to write a note
    And all it said was "I believe in You."

    Passing conversations where they mentioned Your existence
    And the fact that You had been replaced by Your assistants.
    The discussion was theology,
    And when they smiled and turned to me
    All that I could say was "I believe in You."

    I visited Your house again on Christmas or Thanksgiving
    And a balded man said You were dead,
    But the house would go on living.
    He recited poetry and as he saw me stand to leave
    He shook his head and said I'd never find You.

    My mother used to dress me up,
    And while my dad was sleeping
    We would walk down to Your house without speaking.

  6. Good blog. I like your comments.