Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mechanic’s Christmas

Not long ago, my Honda CR-V began acting up. It ran just fine as long as the motor was cold, but when it warmed up the car would die when I came to a stop. I had the car tuned up, which didn’t help. I went to several places and no one could diagnose the needed repairs. Finally, while I was having the oil changed, the mechanic suggested it might need a new fuel filter, which sounded reasonable. Unfortunately, he didn’t have one in stock for my car.

The next day, after a VA appointment, I stopped to have my hair cut and realized that there was a chain automotive repair shop next door. So I drove the car in and asked that they replace the fuel filter and PCV while I was getting a hair cut. That was the beginning.

That was also a week ago last Monday and since then the car has had more repairs than I can count. It has remained at the shop all of that time and the estimated cost has risen from $124.00 to $3,200.00. The motor is in pieces and part of it has been sent to a machine shop for a valve job.

I talked to the mechanic this afternoon. With luck the car may be repaired before Christmas.

Merry Christmas to Me my mechanic!

Perhaps I should buy a sleigh?


  1. It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeeeaaaaaaar!

    There'll be taxes and labor
    I hope you're a saver
    'Cuz Christmas will cost you a ton

    With their made up name car parts
    and automobile smarts
    The cost of repair isn't fun.

  2. I had a Volkswagen that did that, and the problem turned out to be vapor lock. The mechanic put a heat shield over the fuel line, and that fixed it.

  3. oh boy... my car needs a service and i'm dreading it!!!

  4. oh. my. god.

    i think what you need is a wagon, and someone strong** and pretty to pull it.

    **someone with an athletic rear end.

  5. Oh Nick, I'm so sorry. I'll quit whining about the $400 I just dumped into mine.

  6. Isn't that always the way it is with car repairs?

  7. I did that myself back a few years ago but it was over about 2 months so it did not seem as bad. First it was the transmission, then it was the timing chain and other items, then it was ... arg!!! Ever think about getting a horse? Oh wait, they are not cheap either.

    I hope Santa brings you a printing press for Christmas so you can print up some nice new shiny money. I hope things turn around for you real soon Nick.

  8. Oh I forgot, I once had a problem that sounded similar. No one knew what it was. In the end, for me, it turned out the computer that ran the engine, etc. was not getting enough electricity when it warmed up and it would die. When it cooled off it would be able to start again. The people that found it specialized in electrical problems and were able to get me fixed up no problems with something to boost the electrical. Probably not the same thing but I hear you.

  9. Mechanics scare me, Nick!
    Sounds like it would have been cheaper to have a new engine dropped in it.
    I like your christmas photo of you in the Santa hat holding Alex!

  10. Rev. Nick, you are one of the few people I have ever known who can add humor to such a situation.

  11. You realize, Rev Saint, that you ruined your car with all of that desert and mountain driving you did on your trips west, don't you.

    I'm joking.

    Sorry this had to happen at this season of the year.

  12. Ouch, is right! I hope your car is all well again.