Saturday, January 12, 2008

Following Alex

While I was working on today’s post, Alex the furball, who has spent the last day chasing, sitting on, batting at, and otherwise disturbing my nose-hose, the 50-foot line from my nose to the new oxygen concentrator, crept up beside my chair and sank his claws into my right thigh. As I usually do, I cringed and jumped up. This time, however, I grabbed my camera. This is what I saw when I looked behind me:

Note that the furball has his left front paw on my nose-hose!

With the camera in my hand, I did something I’ve been thinking about doing for sometime: I changed the mode to video and followed Alex. I’ll let the video below tell the rest of the story:


  1. Thanks for proving my theory that "All cats are evil". lol

  2. absolute evil.


    and YOU have a Southern Drawl, grumps! :) Nice to hear you. Maybe next time Alex can film you!

  3. Your cat is absolutely adorable :) Good luck in actually getting some peace and quiet!

  4. That is a wonderful video, Nick. Alex and you actually communicate rather well.

  5. Alex is sooooooooo cute :)

    and did anyone ever tell you what a sexy voice you have :) well inbetween your darth-vada voice :)...


  6. Hi Nick!

    So what exactly do you have that requires you to be on oxygen all the time??

    Have a great weekend!

  7. China girl beat me to it but I totally agree. You do seem to understand each other so well. He has you well trained. :o)

  8. STEPH: Evil? Cats evil? Welllllll, I suppose one could interpret Alex’s actions that way. I, uh, rather prefer to see him as manipulative—rather like the human females I have spent my life in love with.

    JODY: Thank you. And of course it’s cute because the star in Alex.

    PINK: See my first comment. Southern drawl? Me? Now please allow me to hear your Canadian voice and then we shall talk “aboot” accents. OK?

    THE DEIVINE MISS: Thank you. Alex is adorable—and of course he plays everyone he can with his cuteness.

    MATT-MAN: Yes, cats—at least Alex—rock. As one experienced in staring in videos, do you believe that Alex has a future?

    CHINA GIRL: Thank you. I believe I have learned to understand much of what Alex want from me. Of course, that’s primarily: feed me, open the door for me, and cuddle me.

    MARMITE TOASTY: Yes—and yes. My voice has been described as “sexy,” marvelous to listen to,” etc. by folks ever since I was a teenager (after my voice changed, of course).

    DARK ANGEL: The need of oxygen is because without it my blood oxygen level has been tested to be as low as 42%. I’ve had a history of severe bronchitis and pneumonia going back to when I was 15-year-old. The actual diagnosis is COPD and a couple of things I can’t remember. Thus, as Val Kilmer playing Doc Holiday in the movie “Tombstone” was maliciously called (he suffered from TB) by the bad guys, I’ve decided to just say I am a “lunger.”

    DAFFY: I’m really glad I made that video although it did take me several hours to resize it so I could post it. When it comes to “understanding” Alex, that really depends upon what he wants from me. There are times when he can be quite inscrutable!

  9. Alex is even cuter in moving pictures than he is in photographs. You know, really does move like a… cat.

  10. It's an excellent video Nick!

    Omigoodness, Alex looks so satisfied with himself after getting your attention - & you're so good to him:) It's neat to hear your voice, too!

  11. Loved the video, Nick! And unbelievable timing with the photo.

    Alex has character. Must take after his human.

  12. I remember one of my cats used to insist that I touch her food. It was okay when it first came out of the container...but in an hour or so, she wouldn't eat it unless I stirred the bits around iwth my fingers...and stuff. Thank God it wasn't canned food.

  13. What a cute video. Alex is one smart cat. Let's see if he can finish this meme.

    You've been royally tagged by the Queen of Memes. Please pass it on to as many as you'd like.
    Long live the dungeon!

    No Autographs, Please - The Band Meme

  14. Nick!!! Alex is SOOOOO spoiled!!! He clearly runs that house!! I love it!

    He is very pretty...can a boy cat be "pretty"?

  15. Hmm, I don't seem to be able to find the video. :-(

  16. ANGUS: Surprising as it may be, Alex *is* a cat. And I am beginning to realize how catlike his behavior is.

    RHAPSODY: Thank you. Perhaps I am too good to the furball. He is now addicted to ham and I tried to hide with the ham sandwich I had for supper. Alex found me, so I ended up sharing it with him.

    SAN: Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you!

    CATNAPPING: That’s exactly what Alex wants! You may notice that I gave him no new food; I simply offered him what was already in his dish. Silly cat!

    MIMI: OK, since I am a nice (read: “passive”) dude, I will play with that MEME. However, it may take a bit to complete.

    BETH: I tell him he’s spoiled and he just continues to stare at me and make more demands! Yes, I think a boy cat can be pretty, although he might prefer being called “handsome.” No, on second thought, Alex would prefer to be called both.

    RIMSHOT: I’m sorry you couldn’t find the video. It’s been on the blog each time I’ve look, the last thing on the post.

  17. Delightful! I hope you make more videos of Alex.

  18. Alex is a beautiful creature. His walk reminds me of the big cats I saw in a Tv documentary program last night. The two of you make an excellent pair.

  19. He so did that on purpose! You can tell by his eyes.

    Loved the video - Alex is thoroughly spoilt. You have a lovely accent Nick.

  20. that litte furball definately is the boss!!!

    I'm linking you with the new list I'm making Nick

    these are my blogs (private) (new)

    link if you wish

  21. Alex is a very good communicator! And he knows how to get just what he wants.

  22. lol... well Alex has definately gotten his routine down with you!! haha! He is a very mind mannored kitty though. Nice when you want a snuggle.

  23. You are right. Alex is a “silly cat.”
    Alex is right. You are a “silly human.”
    Both of you silly things are very lovable.

  24. Alex's eyes speak volumes of - I so own you Mister.
    He is a cute cat, still not a cat gal, but he is cute, in a mischievous way!

  25. great accent, that nick. it rocks. and the cat aint bad either :o)

  26. Alex has you wrapped right around his paw, Nick. I love how cats move, they're so graceful.

    I enjoyed that video, thanks for showing it.

  27. It is always fun to hear someones voice for the first time. Not completely what I expected but then I am not sure what I expected. And yes it sure does fit the sexy voice profile just like most successful radio announcers.

    I now see you are correct. Alex does indeed own you. You treat him wonderfully. You two do each other good.

    Thanks for the video. Now see from that picture I would have said Alex was evil. The video says something much different.

  28. ` I like your voice!! And I like Alex - video is the only way to capture a cat's grace. Sweet kitty! He just wants attention soooo bad!!!
    ` Which reminds me, as soon as I can get my other videos and stuff off my computer, I'm going to put together a really long video montage of my kittens from 6 weeks to 6 months. ...And post it!

  29. Well, Alex certainly has you trained! LOL...but that's true for all cats, there's no escaping it!

  30. Rimshot: Can I help (with Nick's permission)? Some browsers, for whatever, will just show "whitespace" where the video is -- UNTIL you run your mouse over that space! Once you get the arrow (or a framed outline) indicating something is there, stop your mouse and click, and it should appear (might take a second or two).

  31. LOL! I've seen furrier furballs than that. LOL.