Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Muffin Saga, Part III

Muffin was intelligent, perhaps the most intelligent dog I have ever known. She swiftly accepted being walked on a leash, walking beside me at whatever pace I chose. During out walks she sometimes reverted to the survival habits she had acquired while being neglected on the farm on which she grew up. At times she would leave the sidewalk and begin digging in the earth at its edge. Muffin was acting more like a chicken than a dog, scratching beneath the soil for insects and worms that she would eat. She continued to do this even with the fine cuisine we provided for her. I rather suspect that she had subsisted on small crawling creatures and one seldom forgets survival skills.

Another of her survival skills was raiding garbage cans. To do this she had to escape the fence that surrounded the parsonage and church. It was a metal fence constructed with iron bars perpendicular to the ground. In the front of the yard the bars were too narrow for even a small dog to squeeze through. However, the fence at the back of the property had more space between the bars.

The first time I noticed Muffin outside the fence she was in the alley that ran behind the parsonage yard. She was digging through the garbage set out by Irma, our next door neighbor. I called Muffin from inside the yard and expected her to slide back in through the bars in the fence. However, I think Muffin was reluctant to expose her avenue of escape; she walked all the way around the property to the front gate and stood there, smiling and awaiting me to open the gate. As I said, Muffin was quite intelligent.
This has been Part III of the Muffin Saga, which I shall continue until the story of this marvelous dog is complete. The previous installments may be accessed by clicking below:

Today Alex and I plan to spend most of our time watching the National Football League’s Conference Championship games on TV
Alex seems to enjoy watching football games. During each game we’ve watched together, he has curled up beside me, rested in my arms, or sat on my shoulder. I wonder if he can make it through two games this afternoon and evening.


  1. I've enjoyed reading the Muffin series. (St. Thomas of Aquinas reasoned that animals have no souls, which leads me to believe the poor man never had a dog.)

    I will watch football with my Dad today. We are rooting for the Packers, because they seem to really be enjoying themselves and that makes them fun to watch.

  2. St Thomas Aquinas has a lot to answer for! I hope the devil is giving him a hard time. LOL

  3. Go Packers!! I like the BBC link on your sidebar. The BBC News covers the world unlike our media which only covers things that are of importance to Americans.

    You know, news items such as Britney, Lindsay, and Dr. Phil. Cheers Nick!!

  4. For shame- rootin' for the cheeeseheads!

    I'm highly disappointed in you! ;)

  5. Go Pack - it is cold as ever here, going to be an interesting game.
    Enjoy your football with Alex, I'll be curled up wiht my Nikolaus....15yo son, football fan.

  6. It seems that oncea dog learns about the fine art of garbage can raiding, they are hooked. One of our dogs, Peter, was found a yaer ago in an alley way scrounging through garbage. (he also had a deep wound around his neck where he had been sliced.) He is now well fed and healed, but to this day, the trash can still calls to him !
    I've also found that dogs (and cats)that are left to their own resources tend to be smarter in order to survive. Once they find a person to love them, they are so clever, they own us.

    Hope you and Alex enjoy your football games.
    Take care,

  7. Umm....I don't think even I can make it through two games in one day. Alex is remarkable though. It could happen.

  8. Neither one of them really turned out how I had hoped.

  9. Hi Nick ~~ I ejoyed reading about your dog, Muffin. What a cruel person hurt her in the past, for her to have had the fears she did. Thanks you for your blessings, Always appreciated.
    Take care, Regards, Merle.

  10. Even I watched both games! The Pats better win the Superbowl! :D

  11. Great posts on Muffin. I know what you mean, both of the dogs we have had, our previous one and the one we have now, have rooted in garbage. I'm sure it is a survival skill.

    Sorry your Packers lost to my Giants! It was a good game though!