Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Short Stuff

Short Memory

Maybe it’s my age or, more realistically, my life-long belief that I can do more than humanly possible, but I forgot how exhausted I was last Friday after my sojourn from the house to run errands. The goal of finishing and posting this evening the latest section of The Muffin Saga isn’t achievable. I was exhausted when I returned from the appointment at the Orthopedic Clinic of the Veterans Administration Hospital. I’m sorry, folks; I hope to have the next section of the Saga posted soon.


In my post of yesterday I was tempted to write something like this can’t be February; not with the temperature in the 60s (F). Well, the temperature has rapidly dropped and with a cold front colliding with the warm air, destructive storms covered the Southeastern States of the U.S.

This morning as I prepared for the trip to the hospital I listened to the radio and, as folks awakened and noted the damage, the increasing count of those killed by the storms. The first report I heard was fifteen dead; by the time Tasha and I left for the hospital the count was up to forty-five. The latest body count is up to fifty-four, with hundreds injured.

The high school that my niece attends near where my mother now lives is closed, probably for the rest of the week. The storms tore the roof off the main building and devastated the soccer field.

Only strong winds and cold rain have thus far come as far north as I live. However, I understand that there is still the chance for more destructive weather. At the moment the glass in my windows is rattling and I can hear the wind howling outside.

Thank You, Momma Bear

Momma Bear at The Café at the End of the Universe has gifted me with this neat blog award:


Today is Ash Wednesday. And I miss officiating a worship service and using ashes to mark a cross on the foreheads of parishioners. But I’ve already written about that in last year’s Ash Wednesday blog post

Remember that you are dust,

And to dust you shall return.


  1. Your clever 'wait a bit longer for the next installment' ploy is working wonderfully, Sir. I'm sure I am not alone in my eagerness to continue to read about the (mis)adventures of SSN and Muffin. :-)

    Imagine my surprise when I got down to the Ash Wednesday portion and saw the twin of my celtic Cross on the lid of the ashes tin!

    So, what did you give up/take on for lent?

  2. My memory is great, it's my retrieval system that is somewhat askew. Hope you come through the storm safely - rattling windows do not bode well. ec

  3. Memory, what is that?
    What were we talking about? Where am I?
    Oh yeah!
    No seriously dear Nick you have my heart, if you were closer the kids and I would come bug you.
    My in-laws stopped by after Ash Wednesday services with a care basket for us....yes they were crazy and drove the winter roads but by 8pm they were clearer.

    I will continue to cope, and appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

  4. Memory is just a luxery. I think I gave it up for lent but I can't remember.

    Ash Wednesday went well were I am, at least the noon mass. By the evening the weather had moved in and the roads were terrible. I enjoyed the service at noon and it is always good to see the church packed. Of course the rest of the day I had to resist the urge to rub my forhead.

    Luckily we did not see the terrible storms that were comming through. Even the wind was not to bad. Yesterday however we received 5 to 15 inches of snow depending on where we were located. I think I had about 8 inches fall which I managed to move off the cement in a two hour ritual this morning. Good thing you and Alex do not live up here in Michigan.

  5. The storms were not that bad here in the city but they sure did damage south, east, and west of us.

  6. I hope things settle down soon weather-wise and everybody is safe. We even got unexpected snow up here in Western Canada and it was very weird.

  7. this may surprise you to learn (maybe not) but i also get remenicant around this time. I attended a catholic school all of my elementary and majority of my high school years, and of course these celebratory days were observed accordingly. I really enjoyed the lighting of candles for Lent (purple candles were about the coolest thing to a catholic school girl where white was the norm) And the return of Gloria in Excelsis Deo which was always absent during Lent.

    Yes indeed, theis agnostically inclined girl still has some fond memories.