Friday, February 22, 2008

Updating the Updates

I have little additional information to report on my physical condition. The results of today’s excursion:

  • next Tuesday I have an appointment at the VA hospital pulmonary clinic;
  • next Wednesday I have an appointment at the VA hospital orthopedics clinic.

That’s it.

This evening I was exhausted and joined Alex in a cat nap. Then I prepared a superb meal for my dinner. Here’s the amazing thing: although while I was in the kitchen preparing the meal he was playing imaginary games—batting in the air at nothing, chasing his tail, etc.—Alex did not hassle me once while I ate!

The furball continues to amaze me. I hope he isn't ill!


  1. Hope they can find a suitable treatment that will help out. You wondering if Alex is sick because he wasn't bugging you reminds of my grandsons. If they aren't up running around like crazy, you know they are sick. :) ec

  2. It seems to me (as a non catter) that Alex is happy & relaxed when you are, and truly knows you & loves you. Alex is a good being.

    Do the doctors (& you as well) think that your leg is OK enough to wait? I sure hope so...I hope you are well Nick.

  3. Hi Nick ~~ I hope those visits fix you up OK. As for Alex, maybe he knows you are ill and is showing his care for you. Maybe. Or had you just fed him? Anyway, Nick, all the best for your appointments. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Regards,

  4. Hope they suss and sort you out at the doctors...

    I dont think Alex is ill, I think he maybe realises that you are poorly and is backing off ..... he be a clever little pussy..


  5. MR. EDDIE: I believe you are right about grandchildren and cats. Perhaps the main difference is that Alex willingly takes many more naps than kids do.

    TUG: You may be right about Alex. I’ve noticed that even when he catnaps now he does so in places where he can keep an eye on me. I really don’t know what the doctors think. For the most part, as with yesterday, they sit looking at a computer screen, asking me questions, and waiting for the computer to tell them what the VA authorizes them to do for me.

    MERLE: Alex seems to have changed recently. Perhaps its because it’s too cold, snowy (fluffy water), or icy (nasty hard water) outside for him to cat around much, but he seems to be centering his time on me. He has increased his wanting to cuddle and be petted; last night he actually demanded that I go to bed so we could snuggle.

    MARMITE TOASTY: Yes, Alex is a clever cat. He has “convinced” me to do whatever he wants for four years now!

  6. I'm posting here because it's the shorter list of readers.
    You may find some use for a product I discovered on a reputable interview program here in Canada last year. Celadrin is available in drug stores or health food stores for not too much cost, you can use the topical cream or take it in pill form. I use it any time I have pain in my left shoulder, knee or any other joints or points of tension. You may find it helps your leg or heel. Here's a link:

    As for your mysterious Alex; cat's are intuitive and he may detect that you need to be less hassled. Either that or he is preoccupied with his next blog entry.

  7. Thanks for the update, Nick. I hope the doctors that you see next week look at more than a computer screen and instead, care about YOU.

    It really sounds like you and Alex are tuned in to each other.

  8. POETIKAT: Thank you. I’ll check out Celadrin at the drug store. I need to go by there soon: the grocery has stopped carrying Alex’s favorite cat food, but the drug store continues to have it.

    CAROL: Thank you. I hope they look at me, for a change, Unfortunately, I’ve been to both clinics before—and they didn’t.

  9. How is your leg doing? Those 'help with circulation' socks are a good idea; have you looking into them?

    MUCH prayers will continue!

  10. Nick, you know they say that animals are very intuitive and know when their owners need special TLC....I think that is what is up with Alex.
    I pray the appointments bring some answers.
    Mama Bear Hugs,
    Penelope Anne

  11. Cats can be so darn aggravating sometimes. But, when it is really important, they seem to be so in tune with our needs. That's why I love them, so.

    I hope you are on the mend, and that things are better today.

  12. Hi Nick, thanks for popping by. You should leave your blog address so I can visit your cat too. FAZ

  13. maybe those obedience classes are paying off ... haha.

  14. good luck with the quacks,and cat napping,with your cat is just a dandy idea!

  15. I pray all goes well with your appointments, Rev Saint.