Friday, March 07, 2008

Hour-by-Hour (Maybe)

6:14 AM: Alex and I are awake. It’s cold outside and not very warm inside because my automatic thermostat reduced the temperature to 60 F over night. That was my doing because I screwed up the settings yesterday.

I don’t know if I’ll make it to the VA clinic or not today. The (latest) weather forecast is for snow accumulation, which is to begin in about two hours, to be 8 to 13 inches over the next 30 or so hours. If they’re right, this will be the largest snow storm we’ve had in about ten years.

Since it appears that I may be stuck in the house for a while—the furball is outside, but he won’t stay there long because the temperature is presently 31 F and falling quickly—I think I’ll use the opportunity to make this an all-day blog post and update it throughout the day.

7:33 AM: Alex stayed outside for just a few minutes. After bugging me for (a 2nd) breakfast, the furball retired to catnap in his nest (towel) by the furnace register. The snow has yet to begin. Maybe I can make it to the appointment after all!

11:20 AM: The snow began on schedule at about 8:00 AM. This photo below was taken about 9:00 AM. Now, a bit after 11:00 AM, it’s still snowing fairly hard.

I don’t have to make a decision about attending the VA clinic today. I received an automated telephone call about half an hour ago informing me that all non-essential clinics at the VA hospital will close at noon. Since my appointment was at 2:00 PM, I called the clinic and rescheduled for March 28th.


  1. Good luck with the weather, and stay safe. Cheers Nick!!

  2. Nick
    Hope you can make your appointment. The weatherman said we Tennesseeans could get five to six inches of snow. I really hope it gets here as we have not had anything but a dusting or in past years ice. It will neat to scrunch snow beneath my boots. Take care of yourself and the furball. Peace

  3. We had a little snow this morning, for the second time this winter. The first time it snowed it scared my dog Gracie and she stayed inside on the porch. This time she enjoyed it- she seemed fascinated by footprints, and ate quite a bit of it!

  4. That's a lot of snow! At least you didn't have to miss your appointment Nick.

  5. So sorry you have to wait til the 28th.

    Sit back, relax with Alex, and enjoy the snow from inside! I LOVE when I can stay home and watch the snow, rather than fight it on the roads.

    I am thinking good thoughts for you!!


  6. I think we might be done with the snow for a bit, but we certainly have been getting the smackdown of cold. Hurry up Spring!!


  7. Stay warm Nick! What's the snow fall like now? Eased any? Glad you rescheduled the appointment.

  8. Sorry about the snow. We've had a lot up here, 100" so far this year. But you guys aren't set up to handle it like we are.

  9. Stinks that you had to miss the appointment. Urgh.

    Hope the weather gets better and fast.

  10. From what I am reading that snow storm is big with you folks in the East. Stay warm, Rev Saint. Alex, too.

  11. I looked up your weather yesterday. When I saw them calling for as much as 13 inches, I knew things would be called off. As much as I love the people I know down in Kentucky, I am sorry but they just can not drive on that white fluffy stuff at all. No wonder, this is crazy getting so much snow. I remember the snow in the past where the area got 18 inches (I believe) and had the expressways closed for the better part of a week. I mean why would Louisville have heavy snow removal equipment? I need to call up my friends and see how things are going. Anyway that looks like a lot of snow. I hope you two are doing OK.

  12. Wow! Your area looks like our mountains! They've been getting slammed with a lot of unending snow. Luckily, not so much so for us down here in the plains!